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  1. Disclaimer: I'm not actually running Ubuntu, which I realize may make me something of a persona non grata when it comes to bug reports, but now that's out in the open and not going to surprise anyone down the road, yes? Prior to the 1.03 patch, I could open the game in a window and resize it to whatever geometry I liked. My monitor's native resolution wasn't supported as a predefined default, but I could maximize the window or set pretty much any height/width combination an receive a non-squished/stretched game window. Starting with the 1.0.3 patch, manually resizing the window causes
  2. Interesting. I guess that answers why I have no cloaks (alas, I shall never know what the cloak of the obsidian order looks like... unless I go look at someone else's game screenshots I guess). Let's be clear though, this isn't linux not supporting shroud, this is cloakworks and unity making the decision not to offer shroud support for linux. Very different.
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