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  1. Disclaimer: I'm not actually running Ubuntu, which I realize may make me something of a persona non grata when it comes to bug reports, but now that's out in the open and not going to surprise anyone down the road, yes? Prior to the 1.03 patch, I could open the game in a window and resize it to whatever geometry I liked. My monitor's native resolution wasn't supported as a predefined default, but I could maximize the window or set pretty much any height/width combination an receive a non-squished/stretched game window. Starting with the 1.0.3 patch, manually resizing the window causes it to 'snap' between predefined window geometries, which can be resized until you're 'close' to the next predefined window size (which produces another snap to that size). If I size the window too large (anywhere close to the 2560x1440 option) it 'snaps' to fullscreen mode, which then displays fullscreen as checked in graphics options. Unchecking fullscreen just produces a different upscaled resolution on the first uncheck. The second time fullscreen is unchecked and graphics options exited the game will actually return to windowed mode. It also looks like this update broke some existing workarounds for dealing with higher resolutions: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71971-linux-ultrawide-screen/?hl=fullscreen&do=findComment&comment=1617338 , so since there are other resolution-related things afoot, I thought I'd chime in with the poor behavior (or change in, depending on your viewpoint) I'm seeing. With some further fiddling while watching Player.log, it also looks like if I let it 'snap' to a known resolution, then resize the window enough that it changes but doesn't snap to a specific size it will loop 'forever' (read: until I get bored watching the same text scroll past) through what looks like some geometry get/set methods. I tried to attach my player.log, but the uploader is blocking any uploads for me with a message that I'm "not allowed to upload this filetype", perhaps because I'm still post-limited due to my new-to-forum-ness. I've placed a copy of the relevant Player.log here instead since the uploader won't play nice - https://luna.moonhound.net/ General sysinfo - I can provide more if desired, but these seems to be the most relevant bits and this happens regardless of system load / free ram levels: "Operating System" - Funtoo Linux Baselayout 2.2.0 Kernel - custom 3.19.0 using Gentoo's sources (effectively vanilla linux kernel tree sources with some default configuration in place) CPU: Intel i7-5820K Video Card - eVga.com. Corp. GM204 [NVidia GeForce GTX 980] Video Driver - NVidia's linux driver, version 346.35
  2. Interesting. I guess that answers why I have no cloaks (alas, I shall never know what the cloak of the obsidian order looks like... unless I go look at someone else's game screenshots I guess). Let's be clear though, this isn't linux not supporting shroud, this is cloakworks and unity making the decision not to offer shroud support for linux. Very different.
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