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  1. Awesome, thank you for clarifying. This massively changes my opinion of the situation.
  2. As much as I recognize the irony of being outraged by outrage culture, I have to say I'm extremely disappointed and feel more than a little betrayed. It's just one instance of outrage culture bullying around everyone else, but this time it's a game I had quite a bit of both money and emotional investment in. The demands for this to change are not connected in any significant way to people being hurt by the joke. This is about a group of people who have developed a taste for power, and managed to convince themselves that their addiction to witch-hunts and outrage are in some way servicing
  3. Oh, I wasn't really arguing with you specifically, just tugging on a thread I thought was interesting. Incredibly, there's actually room for interesting discussion in this thread! We live in strange times, when a joke that I would ordinarily roll my eyes at and dismiss as being a little offensive (!) somehow provokes interesting discussion. Maybe that backer somehow IS a legitimate artist!
  4. While I actually am personally pretty much wholly against censorship in virtually any form, I do agree that people should feel free to challenge the notion that censorship is always bad. Ironically, treating "censorship" as some magical thing one must agree is evil is ITSELF censorship. That being said, the reason I am against it is that people are ultimately pretty stupid. Throughout history, we've always been wrong about pretty important things, and it's complete hubris to think we aren't wrong about important things now. There are always going to be uncouth, "unacceptable" thoughts th
  5. No, that's not true. I think it's a stupid joke and if it was my game I wouldn't have put it in. But we CAN define censorship. It is a person's speech being suppressed. That's what we fear is happening here. You're totally right that it's possible virtually nobody at Obsidian is ok with a joke like this, and that it just slipped through the cracks. If that's legitimately the case, then of course it's fine for them to remove it. That wouldn't be censorship, that would be a production mistake. That said, there is a broader picture here. This is far from an isolated case. It keeps
  6. Of course. Or more accurately, since I doubt many of the people objecting are actually offended themselves, they want to be able to say that something is offensive to a group of people that others are inclined to care about. Most people are pretty good people and don't want to hurt anyone, so it's a very powerful rhetorical tactic to declare yourself the defenders of a group of innocent people that are supposedly being hurt by your chosen target. People enjoy having power, and this particular tactic gives them the joy of exercising power over others while still being thought of as a champi
  7. Please, please at least consider not bowing to these bullies. You don't have to like the joke. You don't have to approve of the joke. Just please, please consider how much power you are yielding to these people before acting rashly.
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