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  1. :D I had no idea! I did think that Nikko's face was different but other than that I didn't think much else. I was just concentrating on beating him in Pazaak. In a way, this feels kinda weird.
  2. Too often I find myself asking a question and then later solving my own problem. You see, it is my own laziness that caused this. When I was leaving Onderon. I was attacked by Sith Assasins. I didn't want to battle them so I used mind trick. However, Kelborn and Xarga got into the battle while I was running away. That's what caused the glitch. When I came back to camp they were still fighting. Because Kelborn was involved he couldn't speak to me and we couldn't decide who would be on what team. I could still talk to him after the battle but the dialogue had already been skipped so
  3. I have registered to this forum for one sole reason: getting help and discussing the problem of the black screen. I have already looked a several threads discussing this. Actually, I have looked at all the threads regarding this in this forum. From all the threads I have seen the solution was either somehow get by it using an old save file or delete all your files and start from the beginning. Now, I have seen that most people get this particular problem at Dantooine. Some have specified that they are able to pause and hear background music. I have experienced a similar proble
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