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  1. That's the problem. Parvati is on your ship, you can talk to her, but when you try to start the quest while talking to her, it instantly fails, and the quest is marked as botched in your log. Then, when you check the log to see why it was botched, it says because Parvati was killed. It's a bug in the game because something in the back end is identifying her as dead, though she's quite literally standing right in front of you. The speculation was that this patch would stop the system from identifying her as dead, but it has not. My guess is that we'd need to start a new game, and replay the dozen or so hours up to that point, to not have the system identify her as killed. I can confirm that my saved game, right before I talked to Parvati, still resulted in the quest botching as soon as I tried to start it. So the patch did not fix the issue for me either.
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