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  1. The sentiment to #killallmen is borne out of the realization that almost all men are actively oppressing women and transpeople for their own personal gain. Telling women and transpeople that they are crazy to use that tag is like telling rape victims that they are crazy to try and fight back against their rapists. You have it backwards, by definition anyone who thinks men in general are oppressing women and transpeople for personal gain is crazy, and the ones saying to kill all the men, especially so.
  2. Free speech only applies to government action. Public disagreement and debate is not censorship. They are, in fact, precisely what free speech is all about. Free speech has never and will never mean "speech free of any consequences, disagreement or rebuttal." Someone thinking about criticism and deciding how they feel it would be the best way to respond is also an act of freedom. Nothing was forced on anyone here. You fundamentally misunderstand what censorship and free speech are. They are not solely about the government at all. Censorship I will give you some examples. 1) A newspaper does not publish cartoons for fear of offending a religion. That is censorship. (self censorship) The newspaper was not free to speak for fear of retaliation in various forms. 2) A comedian does not tell a joke for fear of offending a religious minority. Again self censorship. The comedian fears his career, his livelihood, the ability to support his family might be placed in jeopardy should he tell the wrong joke. 3) A newspaper editor nixes a story about a local corrupt politician because he fears retribution. Business license delays, extra inspections from city hall, people parking outside his building getting extra tickets from the police. 4) A video game company removes a joke from its game. Again self censorship. The company fears the bad publicity and/or organized boycotts, etc, of falsely being labeled racist, sexist, homotranswimminzphobic. It fears bad publicity would cause financial damage, their employees would suffer, etc. It is illegal for the government to engage in this behavior (1st amendment) but not for private citizens or corporations to do so. It is, however, the same behavior.
  3. I'm ecstatic about the community's reaction to all of this. It is about time. It is so nice to see the community standing up for itself and not allowing entryist SJWs who aren't even playing the game or paying for it dictate the content of our games.
  4. Knowing the tenacity of modders who feel scorned, I'm sure we'll see a travelling bard version with full VO reciting these Limericks somewhere in the game as a mod. It's bound to happen. Censorship is not only forced by law. As I said you are pretty naive if you believe that is the case. A beautiful point my good man in fact most censorship is not caused by government bodies Has nothing to do with law even. FACT: NOBODY IS BEING FORCED TO DO ANYTHING, PERIOD. People on both sides spoke out. It doesn't matter who "started it." a public debate occurred and Obsidian remained 100% perfectly free to do some introspection about the issue and react in whatever way they felt was appropriate and best for their company and the game and the community. It simply wasn't "censorship" in any way, shape or form. It was Obsidian making up its own mind about how to best respond to criticism, and the whole (rather puerile) incident highlights precisely what the founding fathers believed was important about free speech: public debate, even nasty ones, resulting in societal change and progress. You're missing the point and misstating facts. There was no public debate. As far as the forums here and the various threads are concerned, and the number of people with a K under their name who are steadfastly against the choice of submitting to the will of twitter rageaholics, it is clear (thus far) that had their been a public debate the voices of the paying customers who are against changing the limerick far outweigh non paying twittererezez. There was a public complaint, an internal secret debate, and a change. This thread and others like it are the ex post facto attempt to have a public debate. Which you say you like, so, enjoy the thread.
  5. It's too bad Obsidian missed an opportunity to stand up to the outrage crowd. While the replacement limerick does slightly scold the act of being replaced, it can't mitigate the entire action. I won't say I will refuse to play any more Obsidian games, but I sure as hell won't be backing them on Kickstarter like I did PoE, or paying for them. I badly want to support companies like Obsidian, but they and others like them continue to cave into the SJW daily outrage mobs and have left me with no other choice. Until Obsidian and others start listening to the *paying customers* instead of twitter mobs, no more money for you.
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