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  1. It's one of those rare games when you are sitting doing something else and wondering how you can get out of it in order to go and get some more PoE time! I am hopeless at the game but learning. Kudos about the patch too devs - instant more brightness on the map, good job! Great game!
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to this kind of game and have a very weird thing going on. It happens both on my Win 8 laptop and my Win 7 desktop, both of which are more than up to spec. My character emerges from Cilant-Lis into Valewood and can get as far as the first corpse (to the left of the screen) and a little further, but cannot seem to explore any more of the map. I move the cursor to the edge of the screen as you do, but no more map starts to open. I tried to attach a screen but couldn't. This just didn't happen in the dungeon nor for that matter did I have any problem traversing the ground in the backer beta. So basically, I am firmly stuck in Valewood near the entrance and cannot move. Can anyone make any suggestions about how to overcome? I know how to work the controls but, as I say, am stuck! I have a decent mouse on each PC (Razer Deathadder and Logitecg G something cost about £100) and a mechanical keyboard on the desktop, all in perfect working order. I have to get good peripherals due to arthritic hands. Very grateful for your help!
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