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  1. yeah i agree...you shouldn't just recycle the same characters over and over....BUT some more closure would be nice....more explainations.
  2. the only things i didn't like about KOTOR2 were; 1. *spoilers* The minute Kreia came into the picture I said, "She's evil." I could see that coming a mile away. Also, since I knew she was going to the "betrayer" character, whenever we got into a battle and she was KOed I just wanted her to stay down... 2. The influence thing was a good idea but it really needs to be improved. You had to wade through the same options over and over to get to any new text. And isn't it odd that your character is thrown into this bizzare situation with this random guy who likes to comment on you being half naked....and you can't ask him anything except, "Oh, we're stranded on a mining station, I have no clothes, I just met you and have no idea who you are or if you're a friend or foe...oh what the hell let's play pazzak!" It just doesn't make sense. When you met Carth for example, down on Taris, you can ask 'i'd like to know more about you'. I really like the influence but the game would have been better if they mixed influence and the character developement (dialouge options) were mixed. Oh...and the whole Atton asking Bao-Dur about the female exile is very Han Solo-ish. Nice job with that. :D oh and about games w/crappy endings....Lord of the Rings: The Third Age has the WORST ending EVER. It leads you on this Arwen/Aragorn kinda love interest thing with a Gondorian solider and an elven guard of Galadriel. Not bad! And then, with the addition of a new female character (who you met nearly at the end of the game) and some very weird plot twists you get the worst, most head-scratching, unfufilling ending ever.
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