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  1. nvm... I found your post with the tag download. It's Brackenbury now. Loving the music!
  2. Justin Bell, did Heritage Hill get left out of the repackage of the soundtrack?
  3. I'd pay $10 to finish out the missing bits and maybe $15 total if it added full narration from Michael Kramer. ehh.. maybe $20 if they got Kramer and he did the expansion.
  4. I just downloaded the updated soundtrack bundle. I had uploaded the original files to Google and now I'm looking at the two sets. I don't see Heritage Hill in the new set. Did it get removed? I've listen to all of them and it doesn't seem to be there. Do I muck up something?
  5. I would appreciate this too. With my long commute to work I've really gotten into audiobooks. Currently I'm working through Way of Kings, and Michael Kramer's reading gives me a kind of vibe like playing/reading in this game. So, now I kinda have his narration in my head when reading anything on screen that doesn't have audio to it.
  6. They'll be on the Products page on their website, not included in the Steam package. Now Available: Generating product keys and pre-loading on Steam! All other addons are still unreleased, but they will appear here on or by Thursday, March 26. https://eternity.obsidian.net/account#products
  7. Digging these quality making of documentaries. Seen some that where just terrible. Glad to see the bar is being raised, and we're getting a quality product here. I kinda think 2 Player Productions did a really nice job with Double Fine's stuff.
  8. Gah, Came hoping there was some update on when we'd get our keys to preload. But, more than that I want to get the soundtrack to get pumped up while waiting.
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