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  1. Hmm... even typing this seems like heresy -- but the Ranger here seems a bit like Diablo III's Demon Hunter running a Pets/Sentry build. Pet tanks -- the Ranger does damage from afar. That seems supported by the skills -- for example, you can call the pet to you in case something gets close enough to start squishing you and you can then move away and deal damage from elsewhere. The key is being able to bring up attack speed on a slow weapon like an arbalest so that the animation doesn't wind up basically killing you because another monster can close the gap while your pet is dealing with anoth
  2. That's the be expected: in all these years of RPG gaming, I never quite encountered a game that didn't ship with some balancing issues. At least it's nowhere like BG where ranged was overwhelmingly the way the go.
  3. Been playing the game a bit these past few days. It's everything I expected and more. May I be the Grand Inquisitor of the Order?
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