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  1. A thread of 500 posts is never 500 good arguments, it's full of trolls, ego-centric and close-minded posts, it doesn't mean the discussion has to stop but just that it should start fresh with people talking only about the main subject of the thread (and not responding to trolls, ego-centric and close-minded posts). Also a long thread tend to draw too much activity to it and since no one will have the courage to read everything in them it just harm the forum activity for nothing.
  2. In Temple of Elemental Evil the most important part of the UI is a circular thing (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/26/Toee_5.jpg) that appear when you need it, it doesn't look like much but it was actually pretty cool to use for me.
  3. Your mock up is perfect, I wish they decide to replace the currently bad designed UI with this one.
  4. Fast ? This is a real time with pause game, remember ? Also in BG2, spells and abilities where aviable through buttons on the middle part of the UI.
  5. Hello, I've noticed there is button to hide part the central UI and the discussion journal and I've tried to use them and I've noticed that when you click on it for a very short time there is a graphical bug where the button appear somewhere totally unrelated to where it is. I can't capture it because it's too quick but here is where the button appear for a short time when you click it either it is to hide or to show that part of the UI : Also, it may be just me but I feel that where it hide doesn't look right : I personally would prefer to have keyboard shortcuts to hide them totally, I know there is a keyboard shortcut to remove the whole UI (CTRL+H) but it is more just for taking screenshot than to remove part of the UI when you don't need it to make the game feel more immersive.
  6. Hello, I've tested creating a note but I can't find a way to rename it, or to delete it, there isn't seem to be one. Also there is graphic bug when you have a lot of notes : See how the arrow showing the current note is behind a part of the interface, I don't think it's supposed to do that. So to resume, how to reproduce : - Start a game - Open the journal with J - Go to "Notes" - Click "Create new..." - Try to find a way to renamed the "Untitled note" you just created (F2 doesn't work, double click doesn't work, clicking on "Untitled note" in the note doesn't work, right click doesn't work) - Try to find a way to delete the "Untitled note" (delete button on keyboard doesn't work, right click doesn't work) - Create a lot of notes - If you click on a note after the third one the arrow showing the current note is partially behind a part of the interface
  7. Hello, I've just launch the game on a computer and my Steam is in English and the game is configured to start in English : But the system I am on is in French and so the game have started in French : But it shouldn't, it should start in whatever language is configured on Steam. I've find the option to change the language to English (also the word for "language" in French is missing before the option). It's a minor bug but still an annoying one.
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