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  1. Here's an earlier topic on this exact same issue: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79964-cant-even-start-poe-on-macbook-pro-retina-2015/ Let me know if there's any additional info i can provide. Eager to get playing again
  2. Just linking to another topic that appears to be a duplicate of this one: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80154-mac-game-wont-launch-at-all-workaround-doesnt-work-either/
  3. Alrighty then, here's a fresh crash report in all its glory: Cant EDIT: inserted spoiler tag.
  4. I checked those threads and was going to link them, but I'm not sure they are related. The problem I'm experiencing is a crash on startup with a *totally* fresh installation. I'd be surprised if this isn't a breaking issue on all recent MacBook Pros. Happy to provide a complete crash report -- it's 100% repeatable problem. I just didn't want to flood the thread with gibberish
  5. This is still an ongoing issue as at 4-June-2015 -- just patched PoE and Steam as at latest. Another report summary with all the latest patches in place. If anyone wants a full crash report please let me know -- this is super frustrating. Process: PillarsOfEternity [7747] Path: /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/PillarsOfEternity.app/Contents/MacOS/PillarsOfEternity Identifier: unity.Obsidian Entertainment.Pillars of Eternity Version: Unity Player version 4.6.5p1 (4.6.5p1) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent
  6. Hi folks, Be playing just fine on my MacBook Air (2011). Just bought a brand new Macbook Pro Retina (2015) running the latest Yosemite and I can't get PoE to even start. Installed Steam via brew cask. Downloaded and installed PoE. Hit play. I can see a really small mouse cursor on a black screen as it starts up and then crash. Have included the top half of the crash report below. Any help much appreciated. Process: PillarsOfEternity [5643]Path: /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/PillarsOfEternity.app/Contents/MacOS/PillarsOfEtern
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