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  1. Thx for the help on the other board by the way
  2. Okay, right off the bat i would just like to say that i really enjoyed KOTOR II. It had a lot more to offer than the first game........but i also felt that it fell behind in several areas as well. For instance, doesn't it bother anyone else that the first level of the game (Peragus and attached ship) was so much bigger than any other area in the game. Especially Korriban. This was a particular letdown of mine, as i was really looking forward to exploring the ruined Sith Academy from the previous game. Unfortunately, most of the areas were blocked off and you barely spend any time there whatsoever. Not to mention that the last planet was basically kill each identical enemy before all 10 of them kick your ass.........kind of got old. Another area i thought lacked behind a bit was the NPC development. In KOTOR, all of the NPC's with you had a clearly defined, if cheezy reason for following you around, but in this installment..........Okay, I can understand Handmaiden, Kreia, and HK........and maybe Canderous and Bao Dur............but that bounty hunter chick? That floating orb GO-TO or whatever? One just kind of tags along and the other doesn't like instability. Right. I thought the villans in this were really wishy washy as well. Let's see, we have the chick assassin who's supposed to be completely brainwashed by Nhilous, and yet you defeat her once and she follows you slavishly around.........Sion, who is supposed to be so full of rage and what have you that he's just bits and pieces, yet you can convince him to kill himself, and Nhilous who's supposed to be this great and evil devourere of planets, super mass murderer strong guy, and yet you beat him once and away he goes.......and then there's Kreia, who, as the final boss and this supposedly super powerful sith lord proceeds to make 3 or 4 lightsabers fly around and attack you and then is utterly defeated when you destroy them........and then you go and toss yourself into a black hole so you can reappear next to revan in some distant universe and fight sith ghosts or something. At least if you're the light side. I'll have to try dark and see if it's different. But whatever. Not trying to say it was a bad game because i enjoyed it immensely. It just seemed to me that the story and level design could have used a little more work.
  3. Hey, what's all this NWN bashing for. Everyone says how dissapointing it is, but yet here everyone is, eagerly anticipating the sequel I'd have to go with Lionheart myself, with Arcanum as a close second.
  4. Shouldn't "Changing troublesome regimes since 1950" be more appropriate for the yank forces <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nah, just look at us the wrong way and we'll take care of you next week. And we'll even throw in the new car smell for free :D
  5. Maybe he was quite a bit older than he let on....... Or maybe he just had male pattern baldness.
  6. US Marine. "Changing your regimes since 2002."
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