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  1. The post which contains the fix: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88124-game-breaking-bug-cannot-change-party-303/?p=1829224 Will mark this as solved, though I'm not sure I agree that buying and installing the expansions is a valid fix.
  2. Isn't it possible to edit the savegame files and remove the offending White March abilities?
  3. I'm not sure whether these two bugs are related, or separate, but I will report both in the same post. 1. Aloth can't join the party If I try to add Aloth to the party he will appear as an allied NPC that I can talk to, but he doesn't show up in the party. E.g., I can't view his inventory or profile etc. Also, he has no clothes. This only occurs with Aloth, all other party members work fine. If I try to add other party members together with Aloth, they may or may not show up in the party. 2. Can't enter 2nd floor of Brighthollow If I try to go to the second floor of Brighthollow in Caed N
  4. Really? This is what Wenan tells you at the Dozens HQ: But I might not possess your superior reading comprehension, so please do tell me how this translates into "If you say 'yes' you can't work with any of the other factions, and also, they will magically know you accepted the job, even if you later change your mind and don't even attempt it." Considering how the game handles reputation I only thought this would give me a reputation hit with either faction, not exclude me from working with them if I later decide I like them better.
  5. I agree that this needs to be changed. At first I thought the Dozens were just some adventuring company, and I figured I could help them out and get some money while at it. I finished the first quest, then accepted the second quest, but after learning more about the Dozen's changed my mind and figured I rather liked the Crucible Knights more. But no. Just because I had accepted -- not completed, nor even attempted -- a job for the Dozens, Clyver somehow magically knew about it and wouldn't work with me. I didn't even get the option to say "screw the Dozens, I'll cancel my job with them as
  6. I had the same problem, as well. Since it was a main quest I didn't want to get stuck several more hours into the game by not being able to resolve it so my workaround was to reload from a previous game. Not the best workaround though, as I lost some hours since my last save was quite old...
  7. Seems like it will be available soonish. PoE is available for download in the Steam Linux client, though it is missing its executable, so it cannot be started yet.
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