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  1. Just as an aside, but I read somewhere that there is a glitch with the airspeeder on Nar Shadda. If you repair it and then do something with unlocking its controls, you can repeatedly do it to get xp (I think the post said 300xp). Could be a complete lie, I don't have a save game that I can go check with. But if you really want to see how far you can go, may be worth a shot :lol:"

  2. First Of All , The Game is Awesome ! ( except this part )


    now ,


    after i get to the security door , i play mira  :p  , i passed the wookie

    and those lions or whatever they are .

    now i have 3 security doors infront of me , but after i get in  to one of them ( i tried all three) she is 2 week

    i get killed every freaking time , i am at level 12 ( don't be shy to tell me it is 2 weak and because of it i can't win ) .


    i tried to run away from the guards and i found out that there is one high security door  that leads to the tunnel but it is seald  , also the doors to the tunnel control can't be opend .

    i also found some new secutiry that u can only open with the right fingerprint or hand .


    anyway , help me make my character stronger , or if you can tell which fellow to kill  , or how do i get through it , it would be gr8 so that i may leave that charcter and get back to my favourite one .


    also , what is best for her , a mele weapon or a blaster ?


    thanks .


    I think you can have her open the door keeping the Jedi out, using the handprint thing. I did. Of course, I had first gone into the vent control room and opened every door (I don't know if that is required though). After opening the door to let in the Jedi, he/she should be able to take care of things....

  3. Well, I don't have the game yet, and I can't , until feb, anyway. I don't spoilers, so go ahead.  :p


    Its not a big deal, but one of the Mandolorians on Dantooine refuses to recognize Mandalore as "Mandalore" and they fight (with your help, which makes for one very dead Mandalorian). The others with the now deceased blowhard agree to follow the new Mandalore (very ethusiastically too, lol).

  4. ....make some...?


    Where would I make some? Im at a part where I cant go back to the Ebon Hawk, and I wouldnt know where to go in the city.


    There are two merchants at the first area you land in. They have a quest though where you have to chose to support one over the other. I am pretty sure they both have med-packs for sale.


    If not, try lowering the game difficulty for the section you are stuck in.

  5. Ya I know that... I'm wondering about the force power that enables you to see the alignment of other characters. Example, neutral characters and terrain will look white white and d/s characters red and l/s characters blue.


    I don't remember what it's called, but Visas has it. Press in one of the thumbsticks to go into first person view to see it through her eyes. I have no idea if the PC can ever get it, but as a LS male (guardian/weaponmaster) I never got the power that I recall.

  6. I was very aware that the language I chose for my first post was indeed trollish, no, pure troll bait. However with the mild uproar over the last couple of days I felt that creating a good amount of contention on many levels would serve best in my attempt of getting people to look at the glass half full and not half empty when it comes to this title.


    I won't get into the $hit about my post count, so what if I have a single post before this reply? Who knows who I am? I could be sitting in Napa playing with a *real* lightsaber for all YOU know.


    Please, don't fling body waste around, stay on topic. Prove to me with your gaming experiance with this title that Obsidan really did screw up. My position is clear I feel, altho I will state it again; the story is emense. The plot is very well put together and the amount of replay value in this title is far beyond anything we've seen in quiet some time in any game.


    edit // I had the idea for my first post in my head when I picked my screen name, does that help any?


    Clearly very few people have expressed they agree with your opinion (in regards to the gaming experience). Why does anyone have to prove to you anything? Have you even finished the game? Twice? If so, what changed that makes you think this game has a great amount of replay value?

  7. I want force crush... I'm at the point of the game where I can choose a prestige class. I'm fully dark, do I choose the sith lord? Is "force crush" actually the three tier spell called "crush opposition I/II/III?"


    If you were playing LS, how do you learn that "force sight" spell where you can see the alignment of other characters?


    Also, do you get more force spells as you level up your prestige rank???


    No, I understand that Force Crush is something you can get as a DS user at one of the tombs (either Korriban or Dxun, I don't know which)


    Crush opposition was described as a reverse battle meditation in a post I read.

  8. No experience cap? So you dont stop leveling at lv 20?


    But there is a finite amount of xp you can get. No respawns...


    I got to a total of level 27 (split between base class and prestige), doing every quest I could (except two which broke) and killing every enemy I found (through the LS path).


    So, no cap but you can't go beyond 27 or 28 without a cheat/hack program :p

  9. Kreia did have a dialogue option as to why she did this. She hated the force, because she felt like her destiny was not her own (I am both infering and paraphraseing).


    She wanted to destroy the force, so she could in some way be free...I guess


    What I don't get is why or how anyone could "destroy" the force. Its supposed to exist because of life, right? So how could you hope to destroy all life?


    If thats true, then how could Kreia (and the Jedi Masters) delude themselves into thinking that the Force could ever be put/in any real danger...

  10. HK-47


    I installed an HK protocol droid component I got off some merchant into an already finished HK-47. He started talking about how all life is sacred, and he could not conceive of killing another living thing ever again. The dialogue option forces you to remove the component (the whole convo gives him some boosts to his stats), and HK-47 then begs you to NEVER do that again, heh.

  11. I too wanted more info on Nihilius.


    I do know why he was defeated though. He tried to drain you, but you don't have a classic "connection" to the force. You have that echo, and it weakened Nihilius (it was like trying to sate hunger by devouring more hunger). And Visas was his connection in some fashion to stable reality (not sure how exactly that works). Anyway, she fought him off mentally and that weakened him more.


    But for such a cataclysmic being, his story sure does fall by the way-side. I mean really, both he and Sion both end up being nothing more than plot-filler. Though convincing Sion to finally rest was pretty cool. having a really high wisdom during that fight gave me some cool convo options. Same with awareness.

  12. I got the handmaiden to reveal everything but what she thought of Atris. She was the first one i turned to Jedi (long before Dxun).


    Funny thing, Bao-Dur was not even with the party that went to Freedon Nab's tomb. Yet he was the only one I had the convo option about something happening on Dxun. He never did reveal it (maybe my influence was not high enough). Anyway, I ended the game never having resolved much with Bao-Dur, and I never got the chance to gain any more influence with the Handmaiden (which is funny, because from the time I got her she was always in my party. She would commend me on my choices on the planets, but I rarely got influence).

  13. I liked the story of the first one better, which is not something I expected (seeing as how planescape torment was one of my favorite games of all time).


    I think the choice of planets was wrong, they should have focused the story around the exile. For instance, have him/her visit places from the Mandolorian wars that had a great impact on the exile (like Dxun and what malachor V could have been if it had been more than just one big sith/dark jedi factory :thumbsup: )


    For most of the game, i felt like a passenger. The story was supposed to be about me, but only certain scenes really made me feel like it.


    I dig the force echo thing, I like Kreia's motivations. I like most of the NPC's, except even exhausting their influence dialogues I don't really get the feeling that I have changed them all that much. Sure, they glow like a christmas tree (I am LS master), but until the Ravager event Visas was still a meanie...I missed the character specific quests that the first game had.


    It also bugged me the way the Jedi Masters were just wiped out on Dantooine by Kreia. I was playing a repentent Jedi, but never got the oppurtunity to really do much with them. The convo's at the end of the planets was not enough, IMO.


    The ending sucked, in that we never get to speak to the rest of the party members. That REALLY bugs me. Kreia narrating what happens to them is not cool enough. I was okay with the narrative ending of the planets (though some cutscenes would have helped a lot). I loved the revelations of the main character as Reven in the first one, and what goes down on the unknown planet (especially if you chose DS), but there does not seem anything equally cool in this game. I know they have stated no big surprise in this game, which is fine...but nothing else compensated for its being absent.


    All the game-play aspects were much improved, stances were cool, new cool animations, I dug the prestige classes. Random item generation for the most part sucked (come-on, a blaster rifle on a Dark Jedi?). I ended up with all kinds of ranged crud. And one last thing, no level cap but a fixed amount of xp. So whats the difference? I did everything I could, but ended up at 27 (15 guardian/12 weapon master). And way too easy...


    The ending did feel rushed. I don't know what else to say. I enjoyed it, but all in all not as much as the first. ;)


    I hope if they make another one, we follow the path of Reven into the real Sith Empire...

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