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  1. Just to add context here, not to apologize. My guess the reason we haven't got a real answer from Obsidian is that they just don't know. Given what we do know, it's very plausible that this issue might need to be handled by Unity, not Obsidian. Unity would have no backers to appease and no deadline to work to, especially if this is a backport of a fix to say a 2017 or 2016 build of the engine. Dealing with backports can be a pain and time consuming. The silence is definitely deafening, but I suspect that Obsidian want to come back to us with something concrete, rather than admit their ignorance. Lastly, it's a ****ty thing to be reminded of at this point but OSX represents about 2-3% of users according to the last steam survey, and only a portion of OSX machines are impacted. This is absolutely a mission critical thing for those of us on OSX, but we are a drop in the bucket in terms of install base. If you really want to see a reaction, get the media involved. Press for the game has been uniformly laudatory but a change to that may light a fire under things. And that's a big may.
  2. To save anyone else testing. Beta patch does not patch the issue we have been talking about here. Expected given the notes, but hoping I can save anyone else getting their hopes up. Additionally, it's not this one scene transition that crashes the game, you can't load a save made past that point and have the game run. It's just straight up broken.
  3. I see it as an issue in expectation management. Generate a lot of hype and you need to live up to it, I know that I was very hyped to play on launch day. Then delay things a month to fix issues, makes sense we would all love to see a good launch. Expectations after all of this was that game should be good to go at launch, feel free to enjoy the hype. Then launch, and have the game die just as you get into it. It's this combination of things thats killing me as it every step felt like a tease.
  4. So, I've finally had a chance to dig into the issue. And I'm now bearish on getting a quick fix. The issue seems to be within Unity itself, specifically a thread that's designed to do graphics work having a catastrophic failure. Additionally, this thread dying with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS (a segfault), experience says that this is normally a very low level issue not simply a misconfiguration. Looking around, I believe that there have been a few reports of similar issues (Hearthstone seemed affected by a similar issue at one point) and the solution to previous similar looking issues on the Unity forums was to upgrade the version of the engine. Upgrading the engine seems like it would be a time-consuming task, as the upgrade has a very good chance of causing flow-on issues. Faulty Thread Backtrace: thread #5, name = 'UnityGfxDeviceWorker', stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x188) frame #0: 0x000000010218feb3 libmono.0.dylib`mono_jit_info_table_find + 49 frame #1: 0x00000001020ac4d5 libmono.0.dylib`mono_pmip + 46 frame #2: 0x0000000100c73d4d PillarsOfEternityII`PrintStackTraceOSX(void*) + 141 frame #3: 0x0000000100c7355f PillarsOfEternityII`HandleSignal(int, __siginfo*, void*) + 31 frame #4: 0x000000010216b419 libmono.0.dylib`mono_chain_signal + 75 frame #5: 0x00000001020b33cf libmono.0.dylib`mono_sigsegv_signal_handler + 147 frame #6: 0x00007fff6a1b4f5a libsystem_platform.dylib`_sigtramp + 26 frame #7: 0x000000010ebdaa7c AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CTreeScanColorPool::Reload(iSTD::CLinkedList<USC::CGen4LIRInstruction*, USC::CAllocator>::CIterator&, USC::TimeStamp, USC::TimeStamp, USC::LifetimeInterval*, USC::LifetimeInterval*&) + 58 frame #8: 0x000000010ebdaac8 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CTreeScanColorPool::Reload(iSTD::CLinkedList<USC::CGen4LIRInstruction*, USC::CAllocator>::CIterator&, USC::TimeStamp, USC::TimeStamp, USC::LifetimeInterval*, USC::LifetimeInterval*&) + 134 frame #9: 0x000000010e87cc2e AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CTreeScanColoring::ColorInstructionSources(USC::CGen4LIRInstruction*) + 260 frame #10: 0x000000010e87c8da AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CTreeScanColoring::ColorInstruction(USC::CGen4LIRInstruction*, iSTD::CLinkedList<USC::CGen4LIRInstruction*, USC::CAllocator>::CIterator, bool&) + 150 frame #11: 0x000000010e87c5a1 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CTreeScanColoring::ColorBasicBlock(USC::CGen4LIRBasicBlock*, bool&) + 633 frame #12: 0x000000010e87c10c AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CTreeScanColoring::ColorProgram(USC::CGen4LIRControlFlowGraph*, USC::LifetimeInterval*, bool&) + 206 frame #13: 0x000000010e87444f AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CPassSsaAllocatorContext::Process(bool, bool, bool, bool, bool, bool&, unsigned int&) + 679 frame #14: 0x000000010ec1f418 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CGen4KernelFunctionList::VirtualRegistersToRegisters(USC::SpillFillModeEnum, USC::SGrfPressureOpts, S3DKernelHardwareCapabilities const&, unsigned int, unsigned int, USC::SHADER_TYPE, unsigned int, USC::SGen4KernelFunctionListCompilationFeedback&) + 11494 frame #15: 0x000000010e841c22 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CGen6PixelShaderKernelProgram::Compile(bool, USC::PS_DISPATCH_TYPES, bool, bool&, unsigned int&, unsigned int&, unsigned int&, bool&, bool&) + 1096 frame #16: 0x000000010e841614 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CGen6PixelShaderKernelProgram::Compile8(bool, bool) + 180 frame #17: 0x000000010e840ab8 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CGen6PixelShaderKernelProgram::Build() + 454 frame #18: 0x000000010e83f938 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CGen6PixelShaderKernelProgram::Initialize() + 410 frame #19: 0x000000010e96a83a AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CGen6PixelShaderKernelProgram::Create(void const*, PLATFORM_STR, S3DKernelHardwareCapabilities const&, USC::CPixelShader*, USC::OPTIMIZER_LEVEL, USC::SIMD_LEVEL, USC::SGen6PixelShaderKernelProgramCacheKey const*) + 284 frame #20: 0x000000010ebf095d AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CPixelShader::Compile(USC::OPTIMIZER_LEVEL, USC::SIMD_LEVEL, USC::SPixelShaderCompileTimeOptions const&, USC::SPixelShaderDrawTimeData const&, USC::SCompilerOutputPixelShader_Gen8*&) + 679 frame #21: 0x000000010e905e94 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::CompilePixelShaderOpenGL(void*, USC::OPTIMIZER_LEVEL, USC::SIMD_LEVEL, USC::SCompilerInputStatePixelShaderOpenGL const*, USC::SCompilerOutputPixelShaderOpenGL_Gen8*&) + 1227 frame #22: 0x000000010e82a12a AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`USC::IM_Shader::Compile(void*, GFXCORE_FAMILY, void*) + 292 frame #23: 0x000000010e80bcd0 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`intelUpdateCtxSysProgramCommon(GLDContextRec*, GLDProgramRec*, GLDPipelineProgramRec*, void*, ShaderInfoCacheRec*, unsigned int) + 4326 frame #24: 0x000000010e80abb6 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`glrUpdateCtxSysFragmentProgram + 170 frame #25: 0x000000010e80a1cb AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`gpusLoadCurrentPipelinePrograms + 3367 frame #26: 0x000000010e807c8b AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`updateDispatch + 1582 frame #27: 0x000000010e807630 AppleIntelBDWGraphicsGLDriver`gldUpdateDispatch + 154 frame #28: 0x00007fff4c161055 GLEngine`gleDoDrawDispatchCoreGL3 + 601 frame #29: 0x00007fff4c11602a GLEngine`glDrawElements_ACC_GL3Exec + 219 frame #30: 0x0000000100ea1ff7 PillarsOfEternityII`GfxDeviceGLES::DrawBufferRanges(GfxBuffer*, VertexStreamSource const*, int, DrawBuffersRange const*, int, VertexDeclaration*, ShaderChannelMask, unsigned long, bool) + 455 frame #31: 0x0000000100ea22a8 PillarsOfEternityII`GfxDeviceGLES::DrawBuffers(GfxBuffer*, VertexStreamSource const*, int, DrawBuffersRange const*, int, VertexDeclaration*, ShaderChannelMask) + 312 frame #32: 0x000000010063fce6 PillarsOfEternityII`GfxDeviceWorker::RunCommand(ThreadedStreamBuffer&) + 32598 frame #33: 0x0000000100c91b9c PillarsOfEternityII`GfxDeviceWorkerAutoreleasePoolProxy + 60 frame #34: 0x0000000100640924 PillarsOfEternityII`GfxDeviceWorker::Run() + 116 frame #35: 0x0000000100637cec PillarsOfEternityII`GfxDeviceWorker::RunGfxDeviceWorker(void*) + 60 frame #36: 0x0000000100adc54a PillarsOfEternityII`Thread::RunThreadWrapper(void*) + 90 frame #37: 0x00007fff6a1be661 libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_body + 340 frame #38: 0x00007fff6a1be50d libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_start + 377 frame #39: 0x00007fff6a1bdbf9 libsystem_pthread.dylib`thread_start + 13
  5. Ah! Maybe its an issue with the newer Intel Processors that do CPU scaling? That would only be on newer machines and could explain the mega battery drain I saw.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the game as is, right now just straight up eats battery? I have been testing a bunch of settings and found that the game could eat 15% of a charge just walking down to the pillar in the first section. That doesn't feel right to me. Has anyone else seen this? Also yes. I've seen the primary reported issue. My system is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) OS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E199)
  7. None that i've encounters so far. Personal preference; I've used both and had no problems. Just be aware that you do need to right click and middle click on some occasions.
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