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  1. releasing a bug free product is almost as impossible as never falling for an internet scam ive been coding for close to 5 yrs and even I cant say that ive spotted every bug in my coding and i probably never will when it comes to bugs in programing some wont appear until a certain event happens like say i accidentally put 2 certain lightsaber upgrades in my lightsaber that the devs didnt try it might crash the game it might not you never know till it happens yes its up to developer to release a somewhat bug free code but blamming them for not seeing EVERY bug in a game is idiotic you dont like this fact try releasing a 100% bug free youll find it impossible
  2. Listen, I am not your pack mule. I am not your research assistant. I am not going to do the work for you. If you want to know the truth go to any number of RPG sites and read it for yourself. The one I read was at Gamespot if memory serves. Instead of PROVE IT look for the damn proof yourself you lazy kid. @Master Whatever: The entire team was canned and as far as I can see there is no plans for a KotOR 3, as well there shouldn't. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you was the one who stated there will be no KotOR 3 so you are the one who must back up the statement. me i could careless if the make KotOR 3 or KotOR 4 but sence you cant prove it then you have no grounds to say there isnt going to be KotOR if your going to spread hearsay all over the boards you better be prepaird to back it up
  3. Prove it supply the link that states there will be no KotOR III
  4. 3e and 3.5e was only well received cause it pampered the carebears who didnt even bother to try to understand 2e rules(which i still say are the best rules and LAST rules of the once great AD&D) Gygax's ego is almost as big as mine and well diserving AD&D is partially his brain child and only left cause T$R didnt like his attitude for the changes they had going from 1e to 2e(which is also about the same time Greenwood{Elminster Aumar},Cook and the rest started showing up) he might have ego but WotC Hasbro and Atari should atleast have him consulting on the direction of AD&D instead of half guessing and nerfing everything that made AD&D so great if not on NWN2 atleast on anyother AD&D project like D&D Online
  5. Yep, WotC own it. It's the original D&D setting. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> and ever sence WotC purchased AD&D from TSR the chances of finding any store that sells either the core books(DM's Guide, Monsters Guide, etc...) the supplemental books(The Magic Tome High Level Campeign etc...)dwindles each day i know of 3 WotC near my house and not even they sell AD&D Books hell they dont even Sell Magic the Gathering and they own that as well i have to go to a mom and pop game store imvho AD&D.........Excuse me now that WotC purchased tsr they took out the A its now just D&D the level of content has gone down hill and I'm not the only one who feals this way the people I know that play AD&D feal the same way the only way WotC could do better is by bringing in Garry Gygax, Ed Greenwood the people who truly made AD&D as popular as it is and stop nerfing it
  6. You really shouldnt judge FR by the computer games. In a 'proper' FR setting, there's very few magical items around, certanly not +5 swords in every 3rd barrel and drow hiding in every corner. Or did you mean that in your view, it's negative because the world has magic? In that case, you're out of luck with mainstream D&D worlds, they're all magical worlds with deities and such. Comparing FR to any number of other D&D worlds really comes down to personal preference, although I find it rather funny how for example, the greyhawk and dragonlance crowd tries to insult FR, saying how munckhinish it is, with 'overpowered characters and magical items', when in fact, most of the D&D settings is filled with the same munckhin elements. The setting is what you make of it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Although it is what we as the players make of it, in terms of how "good" the world is, but there must be some sort of truth in the impression that, FR is just too many powerful items and things come too easily. Basically, I have this impression that GH is lower in magical items while FR is like , "free magic give away" style. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I played GreyHawk its a fairly decent module I've also played Forgotten Realms even DM'd a few adventures(going on 10 years) and for you to come out and say that FR is a "free magic give away" just because you played a FRCRPG is just wrong, I dont know about other DM's but when i set up a campeign the actually probability of your character finding anything higher than a plain +2 longsword is REALLY high if your going to use the FRCRPG to base your opinions on please state that all your info is based as such but to generalize all of FR just because you found it easy to pickup a Dragon's Bane Sword in Icewind Dale is not a wise thing to do
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