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  1. I h8 to spoil you'r argument but this string is about y fr is BETTER that gh not where they came from. I do feel that FR is much better than GH as there is a more complete world out there with it's own regions much alike today. Another point i find is that FR and GH i think are set on the same plannet just different sides of Toril so NWN 2 couldn't go to another comntinent as it would just bo going to GH and so couldn't b Neverwinter any more as Neverwinter is Purely FR
  2. i do play the pnp version of both FR & GH and i find that FR is much more real to me i can relate to the various things that happen although i can concede that there is much more FR matterial about than GH in general but in my local shop where i get my books in the two years i've been playing i'v only seen (& got) one FR book Thirdly it's not just the content of the worlds that matter in the pnp versions it also relys upon you'r DM coz if he isn't any good then no world that he runs will be entertaining for anyone.
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