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  1. I have the same problem! black screen, alt f4 is the only way to get back to Windows!
  2. My German is very dodgy and I haven't used it in six years but it is just good enough to understand your post There will be a beta but it won't be a conventional "early access" build (they intend to have little or no story content in it). As for your actual question the devs haven't said anything about when it'll be available but the game is set for a release sometime in December this year so... sometime between now and then. Unfortunately my english is pretty bad! Aber danke für die Antwort After all, one who understands me :D würde mich freuen wenn jemand auf deutsch Antworten würde!
  3. Ich freue mich immer über Updates! Möchte auch gerne wissen wann ungefähr der early Access startet? So ... Mit den Post möchte ich gerne wissen ob deutschsprachige member unterwegs sind
  4. Want to play the Game ;)

  5. Ok, many thanks for your quick answer!! So I hope for a open Beta Maybe there is a pre Order Beta accsess (Standart Version)
  6. Hey all, Does anyone notice if there will be a Demo or a Beta? Sorry , english is not my native Language Thx Lincoln
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