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  1. Oh sorry because I thought you answered to my post. Ok, then it is done for me now. You see that I liked your posting because it is so true what you said. But to your last post I got second key at hero level.
  2. Do you mean me as idiotic, so be warned, I don't like your tune. Fact is that we don't get our physical rewards. Fact is that we don't have good communication. Fact is that nobody knows what happens to our rewards. Fact is that Shipping soon doesn't mean that we will ship the package in next days because I have this state 3 weeks before.
  3. Hello all, I'm a proud kickstarter backer and played the game too, but I'm wondering about sending my physical reward to Germany. I'm waiting too for confirmation of sending package to me. Well good is that we can play now because digital key. But other (I mean other kickstarter projects like Broken Sword, not other backers in this project) sends them early so all people got their reward between 1 day and 2 weeks (Australia). Here we are waiting more than 1 week .
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