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  1. The endless path's are closed and won't open. My stronghold is ampely decked out and I have tried different combinations of companions. Simply put, there is the stone in the way. I can access the map but not the second level since I never got there. Is there a console command that transports me to the second level, so that I can access it and then the other levels via the map? Maybe there is a console command that enables the second level via the map of the cellar door? Please help me, it really sucks no to get to play this part of the game. I wanted to upload the savegame, but of course it's much too big. Here's a link https://spideroak.com/storage/PJ3WK4DT/shared/647700-2-87521/save.7z?31109a151ed68329619a148f9eec2b9c
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