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  1. Getting this now for some items post 1.03 update (GOG). While not gamebreaking, it's a bit annoying and I've tried moving to stash to fix without any success. Screenshot - http://1drv.ms/1Gv3yzX
  2. Parable of Wael Quest - Hid the item under the dragon skull, unable to return quest as all NPCs in the temple are in hostile state. Missing Sentries - Mentioned in the forums, please increment this problem report of not having the Justicar NPCs drop hostile status after Leyra is killed.
  3. +1 on this issue, had the horn equipped on the Grieving Mother Companion and she's now stuck with no Focus regen in combat even with the item unequipped.
  4. Twice now I've had my companion stuck in knock down animation. Resting does not fix it nor does trying to engage in another combat. This pretty much kills the game for me right now. I'm also having a problem with the Grieving Mother Companion no longer being able to regenerate Focus after equipping the Drinking Horn of Moderation which after a bit of searching appears to be a known issue so please consider this a +1 for that bug. Tried uploading a screenshot but even at 400k my file uploads are failing. Happy to link to save game files/screenshots if needed.
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