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  1. More diverse doesn't mean more better written, a boring white male character won't become any more interesting if he suddenly become a black woman and vice versa; more diversity won't make game characters more interesting, better writing would and that regardless of the characters gender, color or sexual orientation. But if anything this "outrage culture" we currently have might just have the opposite effect and means having more and more bland and sanitized characters to try to avoid offending anybody: If you have a female character you will have to make sure that you don't use one of the evil tropes (she must never be kidnapped because it would be a damsel in distress one, she must never be defeated because it would be depowering, she must never be tortured because it would be violence against woman,etc...), same if he/she is black you better make sure you won't use any of the existing or yet to be invented potentially racist tropes and if you have a gay characters then better make sure she/he won't be presented in a bad light otherwise you might be called homophobic. In the end developers might be tempted to play it safe with "clean" and boring, but diverse characters, that will allows them to play the "diversity" card while at the same time not risking offending any overzealous on-line social activist.
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