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  1. I'm having the same issue, here: I used the party management buttons on the at-sea screen to switch Serafen out of the party and Maia in... and ever since then, I haven't been able to re-add him. He doesn't even appear on the ship any more. It's like he's disappeared.
  2. Yup, this is the exact one I'm stuck behind now, myself. Hopefully there's some other way down into Raedric's dungeons, because one way has an unopenable locked door, and one has a door with this unselectable bug.
  3. As a side-question for whomever is checking this thread as often as I am, might I inquire as to why my forum account is not showing the Kickstarter icon? I'm a backer, and I'm registered for one of the Kickstarter reward tiers... what am I not doing, to get this Kickstarter badge thingy? Thanks kindly for the help, this being off-topic and all. Just felt like it was worth asking, since we're all sitting here waiting for a patch. =)
  4. Calm down, please. They're already patching this bug out of the game. In the meantime, I would recommend trying out some of the Steam games you've bought but never yet played. =P Tried "Gone Home" while I've been waiting, and I am glad I did. "Life is Strange" is great, too.
  5. Thanks Kampffrosh, for the idea. Unfortunately, for a lot of us this issue has also deactivated our grimoire, so the character can no longer cast spells. Also, a big thanks to Obsidian staff for their quick response on this issue. When can we expect the next patch to go live?
  6. Seems like this stuck-staff problem has been happening enough that it's worth patching. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can all keep playing. On the upside, it's kinda nostalgic to be reminded like this of the golden rule of old-school RPGs: "save early and save often" =P Gosh, I wish I hadn't overwritten my autosave. >_>
  7. Obsidian staff have offered to help with the issue. Please post your save file in our thread here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72014-i-cant-seem-to-equip-my-hero-with-any-weapons-and-concelhauts-parasitic-quarterstaff-is-stuck-i-weapon-setup/
  8. Hi there, Here's my save file: http://speedy.sh/qhHMJ/6b0916d08f1841a7bf52be7fe37e3146-7989630-TempleofEothas.savegame Would very much appreciate if the same fix can be applied. Have tried going back to town and resting, etc., to no avail, and apparently using the console disables achievements (and also I wasn't able to find a command that seemed to do the business). Much obliged for your help. =)
  9. I'm having the exact same issue, unfortunately. I can't share my save file right now, but will do so when I get home. That said, I'd love to get a chance to play tonight. Is there an in-game console solution?
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