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  1. Really?? On release, Crafting the "Fine" enchantment would modify the apprearance of items. In 1.03 this bug only affected certain armors. Now in 1.04 this bug affects all armors. What would the logic be behind not altering the appearance of items by crafting certain enchantments for them vs finding them? Furthermore, why would this only apply to armors? In 1.04 I can craft the fine enchantment for weapons and it changes the appearance. Look at the sword as an example. Crafting the Fine enchantment used to alter the appearance of all weapons and armors (other than the unique ones) and now it does not. Clearly this is a bug.
  2. I was unable to find a way to edit my post so here is a follow up. I started a fresh game with the 1.04 patch. 1. The fine armor bug now affects every armor, including the brigandine. Their skins won't change when upgrading the armor. 2. When opening the loot screen, you can briefly see the item icons from previous lootings being deposited into your inventory. 3. If player Alt-Tabs out of the game while in the map screen, the map screen will be visualy bugged once played tabs back into the game. Closing and opening the map screen fixed this.
  3. The game runs great so far! A few problems: 1: Fine armor skins for plate armor and chain armor won't change from their regular styles. I haven't tested it with every armor, but Brigandine armor is not affected by this. This bug was also present in 1.03 patch, but wasn't there at launch. 2: Stronghold quests do not give any rewards, and all henchemen are constantly "not paid" Thanks for the updates thus far!
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