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  1. I found Alt-Tabing when seems to fix it.. maybe is something to do with resetting focus on the window? not sure really.. ill be playing then all of a sudden the mouse is no longer constrained to the game window. so I alt+tab and that fixes it for a while. then it randomly happens again.
  2. Hi Derek, no I wasn't alt-tabing. I will try to enable and disable the option.. Thanks,
  3. Hi Looks like the 'cage cursor' option doesn't alway work. I have dual screens and have found that even though I have the cage cursor option selected, my cursor still leaves the game and ends up on my second screen. not sure what kind of details / troubleshooting I can do.. Thanks..
  4. Really? so people have the unrealistic expectation that we as backers at minimum get treated as equally as steam buyers? really? I think your comment embody the arrogance that people are complaining about
  5. its important for those of us with **** internet. I can barely get 300kb down its going to take me days to get the game. If I were treated equally to someone on steam I could be downloading it now while at work so come release day I can actually play like everyone else..
  6. Sigh.. So steam users get to pre-load meanwhile the rest of us get screwed? I was really hoping to be able to pre-load it cause I live in australia and we have **** fkn internet and its going to take me days to get the game down.
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