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  1. The new patch seems to have fixed it; either that or the expansion hadn't properly installed before.
  2. No, it should work from the saves you're using. I believe you get a notice that a letter has arrived for you, which opens up the quests/area. So maybe try traveling around the world a bit to see if it triggers the letter, then head to Caed Nua. I haven't seen that letter or notification, and I have travelled around the world a bit. I don't know if there's a specific area or event that triggers it though, so I'll keep trying.
  3. I've tried loading the auto Pre Endgame save, and various other saves, and I've travelled to Caed Nua and spoken to the Steward, but I can't get any quests or info about starting the expansion content. Do I really have to go wayyyy back to an Act II save around the time of the Temple of Woedica quest to get this to work?
  4. Think I've worked out the problem - I can't hit the f***er - keep grazing and missing. Need to work out why. All my weapons are exceptional, but the only thing that consistently gets through the defenses is Eder's Exceptional Estoc, prob cos it ignores a certain amount of DR. Edit: the problem is because my chars keep getting Terrified by the dragon and lose 20 accuracy. Need to get rid of that with Durance, I guess. Edit: finally got her. Used lots of Durance's prayer against fear, spread the party out, switched to weapons that ignored as much DR as possible, and potioned and spelled the f**k out of everyone. Still almost fully wiped, and both Durance and Eder are now maimed xD
  5. Dragons tend to have bad Reflex, and less than impressive Will. Hit them with spells which attack Will and Reflex, especially those which further lower some of their defenses. According to the guide book, its reflex is 91 and will is 87, still pretty damn high. :-/
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. I'll give it a shot when I get home from work.
  7. Any tips for taking out the dragon? I'm a filthy casual, but finding the fight really hard. I can get it down to about 20% health but with a fully wiped party. Party: Eder, Durance, Aloth, Sagani, PC (paladin), Barbarian.
  8. I'm casually wondering how the game length of PoE would compare to BG, BG2, Fallout NV etc. if it didn't feature the fast mode. I'm guessing it would be a lot longer, even though it's already long. Thoughts?
  9. Is there no longer a way to pre-order the expansion through the backer portal? Is there any other way? Would be more than happy to put down the $20 for it now, given that I know the game is good. Didn't want to before release.
  10. I know this is a troll thread, but I wish this game had less VO. Not joking. The writing is way better than most of the voice acting, and it's hard to read the stage direction stuff when the talking blasts past it.
  11. Kotaku's Jason Schreier and Kirk Hamilton like it so far, and go into some depth on the pros and cons. http://kotaku.com/were-really-digging-pillars-of-eternity-1693310820 (warning, mild spoilers)
  12. Looks like the RockPaperShotgun guy likes it. caps/italics are his
  13. No idea, but for Sid Meier's Starships, I only got my key from GMG a few hours before release. Thankfully that game is only like 500mb.
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