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  1. I don't mind the idea that all stats are useful for everyone and that they have the same effects for all classes. I do think however that the stats feel slightly bland at the moment though, and could use more effects. Another thing is that I feel the minimum points you can have in a specific stat should be increased somewhat, maybe to 6-8 (and of course lower the amount of points you can spend to match that). Currently if the balance between the stats isn't perfect, which it isn't at the moment, you end up having a stat range of like 18/18/18/3/18/3, which makes the characters feel a bit more like machines than people to me. Alternatively or in addition to that you could make it so you need more points to increase stats above 14-15 or so, because I think no matter how hard they tried balancing them, there's always a stat that gives more useful bonuses for your character than the others.
  2. Personally I don't have anything against not gaining XP from combat as a concept, but the rest of the gameplay and the area design in the current version of the backer beta does not support the system. I think it needs to be either done considerably better or dropped. Yesterday I played the game for around 5 hours, exploring all of the town and finished the task regarding the two groups of people, clearing the bandits and climbing after the egg, killing the ogre, exploring the area to the west and most of the dungeon below it... and ended up with a whopping +0 XP for my party. Now granted, some of it was due to my journal reseting towards the end, but that happened only slightly before the ogre cave which was the last thing I did. I think there are currently too far many unavoidable enemies for a system like this. The HP and resting system are also fairly brutal, more so than in most other RPGs at least, also discouraging combat. I felt like the systems together made combat not just feel unrewarding, but a punishment to the players; a feeling I'd rather not have in an RPG filled with monsters and dungeons. Note that I was playing on Hard difficulty, following the tooltip that said it was a good difficulty for veterans of Infinity Engine games (I didn't find it to be that difficult, but also not rewarding). If they are to stick with the non-combat XP system, I think they also need to add many diferent sources of XP. Currently it feels like you have to do those few particular things that happen to give XP as soon as possible, then ignore the rest as well as you can. Other potential, more minor sources of XP could be exploration (a big one, simply visiting interesting places), reading books/unlocking new lore and simply talking to NPCs and gaining information that way. It would also be nice if the quests gave smaller amounts of XP more frequently, instead of just once or twice. Additionally combat should be made more rewarding or at least less punishing somehow, perhaps by adding more interesting loot, crafting components don't quite cut it in my opinion. Note that even though this post may sound negative, I love what I'm seeing so far. Shows a lot of potential. But besides item/journal/spellcasting ability disappearing bugs, in my experience the XP system is what needs rehauling the most currently.
  3. Sure thing, attached DxDiag info now. So the issue is extreme lag with many UI buttons/elements, especially in but not limited to the character creation. DxDiag.txt
  4. I have a similar issue but much more extreme. The game itself runs at around 60 FPS, but whenever I click on the attribute buttons, or the "next/previous" in character creation, the FPS drops all the way down to 0 and freezes for a a couple of seconds. Makes assigning the attributes take a huge amount of time for me. Same happens in game with some elements such as leveling up and opening inventory, but after a while it seems to ease off. Attribute assignment I haven't got to work any faster yet though (tried updating drivers). Couldn't find an option to attach files so I can't post my DXDiag info right now...
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