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  1. I really like the scouting mechanism in this game. I found, you can reach almost any place without fighting, which was what I was hoping for. Sadly the radius for you being spotted is getting bigger when you go below 3 Group members. It makes sense when you want to avoid people doing solo runs, but it makes no sense at all from an RPG-perspective. You should be even sneakier alone than with a group of people. For fighting I would love to see the backstab make a return in this game. I loved that mechanism. The replacement in form of high damage from a rogue in the first seconds of the fight is a really poor one. I might be able to kill something small that way very quickly, but it just doesn't feel anywhere as powerful as a real backstab. On top of that, this also makes no sense at all from an RPG-perspective. A one strike kill would be the way to go for a sneaky rogue.
  2. This is actualy done pretty well I think. My thoughts were exactly the same as yours the first time I killed them. ***Spoiler*** But the Key is hidden in the room, which makes a lot of sense to me! Just scout the room and you will find it. You can even open the door before attacking the shady guys.
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