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  1. Hi everybody, First of all, I have to say that I like the idea of the long-term and short-term health mechanic, not having to rest after every battle and having to manage your long-term health sounds good to me. That being said, I have to agree with Ondb on this point. I like the idea of healing spells / potions / medicines being able to actually heal characters wounds, and not just give them some kind of energy or stamina boost. It also seems weird having to rest to restore health. It gives me a "oh, my character is badly wounded, but no need to look for a priest nor a doctor, just have a good 8h night sleep by the campfire and you'll be good to go" feeling. Moreover, I liked the idea of resurrection magic in BG1, where you could resurrect your characters, but it was through rare, expensive or high level spells only. Being able to reach those spells with a priest was useful and satisfying =) And I also liked the idea of permanent death, but not really the randomness of it (based on constitution if I recall correctly). For those reasons, I'd rather have those kind of definition / mechanic : Short-term health: classical, standard, health. Healable through magic and medicine. If a character's health drops to 0, he becomes dead, but can still be revived by a priest, or brought back to the town's church to be revived. (or only knocked out in normal difficulty) Long-term health: fatigue or endurance-like quantity. Recoverable through resting. If a character's endurance drops to 0, he becomes exhausted and weak in combat, and If killed while exhausted (0 short-term health), becomes dead permanently. No magic can bring him back from the dead at this point. (For normal difficulty, the first time a character fall to both 0 short and long-term health, he becomes maimed, with even greater debuffs, but next time will cause permanent death). Once again, the main mechanic remains the same, it's more a question of definitions and of what healing spells will actually do. I personally like better the idea of health being related to wounds and healing spells, and fatigue to resting.
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