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  1. Of course PoE combat system isn't perfect. I also think there is a problem when you fight beneath trees or behind wall / doors. It's sometimes hard to see who is targeted on close battle fights when you have a fighter, a monk and a rogue in the melee. Although, many of the problems you point out Zherot are features. In Pen and paper RPG, if you throw a fireball on your friends when they are in the melee, you hit them too. Forget about "modern" Bioware RPGs, that's not what we sign for when we backed the Game. Thanks Obsidian, you fulfilled our expectetions
  2. Don't apologize, those kind of thing happen Fortunately checking game cache integrity with the steam client solved the problem
  3. I tried to launch 1.02 saves but i had crashes. I tried auto save / rapid save / normal save. I tried with 3 of my characters. Still crashing. On the loading screen, the one with an artwork, right before entering the game, it crashes. Thinking it might be my saves that are the problem, I tried to launch a new game. Same crash, on the loading screen with the artwork. I tried to change language from french to english, still crashing. Here are my sys spec : i7 2600K ASUS P8P67 8 Go DDR3 MSI 970 GTX (347.52) Game on a M550 Crucial SSD - Steam version Win 7 64 bit up to date UPDATE : After checking my local files with steam, it seems it needs to download 616 Mo of files not validated UPDATE 2 : Solved after checking game cache integrity and downloading corrupted files again.
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