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  1. Except Beamdog already said there won't be any new NPCs, and the new story additions include some deleted quests from the original game, such as The Voice (an undead paladin) in Lower Dorn's Deep. IIRC, the BG EEs were restricted by Atari's licence as such they can't modify existing story content and restore deleted stuff, which isn't an issue with IWD EE. And your comment about the resolutions is bogus, considering that it scales to whatever your desktop resolution is, and it actually supports widescreen resolutions without needing to starting a new game. Mods can't add the new multiplaye
  2. I read an article released at the time of Medieval Total War, and it showed the would be sequels of the series. The first is Rome, which is already done, and the next one is Taiping Total War, set in 19th Century China, where you play as Imperial Chinese, Taiping Rebels , and Colonial powers such as Britain and France.
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