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  1. Definitely, but that's not what the thread is about at all: the preorder is up on steam, and the question is just "when are the keys being made available to backers, since it's already possible for people to have the game attached to their steam account by purchasing through the steam store," not "when will it be released."
  2. It's really just a matter of preference. Your preferred method of acquisition may differ, but I personally like being able to open a single dedicated game library management system and decide from there what I want to have installed and/or what to play. Given the option, I'd just like to have my copy made available in that way, and the question is only really being raised because on the Kickstarter page (in the FAQ) it's stated: Once the Kickstarter ends, every backer will receive a survey asking them what platform and distribution network they would like. We now proudly support both GOG a
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