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  1. Just had this happen to me during the Adra dragon fight. No amount of reloading the game fixed it. Enemies just stand around doing nothing. Even if I venture to other places than the endless dungeons. *edit* Restarting the game fixed it (at least for now).
  2. Guys, stop ****ting on my thread. This is not the place to talk about steam vs. gog as a distrubution network. If you want to talk about those things, go elsewhere. I am still waiting for an answer, Obsidian. Can't be that hard to find 10 seconds to hit reply and type a few words, surely. Where's your community manager at?
  3. I give up. I can't be bothered to type the same thing over and over. Please read the posts in this topic. If you're inclined to argue without reading and at least TRYING to understand what is written, then please rethink it one more time. I'd like an answer from Obsidian on the subject though. I don't think it's too much to ask for. Just a simple "Oh yeah we forgot because of such and such but we'll make the option to choose available to backers at a later date" or something similar.
  4. It's not too early. It would have been if they hadn't made the backer portal, and made you select rewards for your pledge but neglected to mention distribution platform. They're also selling it on their website through the two major distrubution networks, where you can pre-order now. If those things weren't true, then yes it would be too early.
  5. That page also says gog and steam. Isn't it a bit weird we didn't get to choose on the backer portal?
  6. 1: I'm not blissfully unaware. They stated they would make the product available through those two distrubution networks from the start. What problem is it of mine that they have to pay xx dollars for each sale? You're outright dumb and extremely uninformed if you think not putting it on steam and/or gog will make them more money than not. The exposure a developer gets through those platforms can not be counted with money so to speak. 2: No, I wasn't saying give it to me now through either distrubution channel. I was saying they made us fill out forms and choose rewards for our backer money, but no mention of gog or steam as was promised. I'll try this again:
  7. I'm definitely on this boat. Let's see what comes of this first kickstarter project before asking us to throw money at them again. They're already "giving us the option" of paying 20 dollars for an expansion to pillars of eternity. The price for that is the same as the original game, so that is a fairly big undertaking I imagine. And now they want to start a new kickstarter thing? I'm not against backing per se, but I'd like to see what comes of what I backed to begin with before we move on to other things
  8. Well then I imagine you didn't read through my original post here. I'll go ahead and link what Jaunty said as that covers it too, and just telling you to read the OP seems a bit pointless because you should have done that already, but failed to grasp why I asked I suppose. Anyway... Take it away, Jaunty:
  9. I didn't make this topic for it to become gog vs steam. I'd appreciate an answer from someone at Obsidian regarding this issue please.
  10. I want to know why there was no place to choose delivery platform (gog or steam). We're made to go through this whole process of selecting rewards for our pledges again, though we did that once on the kickstarter, but skip the most important step. Weirdly enough I see a "Download" page on the managing place which makes me suspect they're not gonna follow through with their promise. I hope that's not the case and it's just for other things. From the Known Information thread: Will there be a DRM-free version? Confirmed by Kickstarter update #4, a DRM-free version is being offered in conjunction with GOG. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to choose between a GOG or Steam key.
  11. Furthermore: From their FAQ: Will there be a DRM-free version? Confirmed by Kickstarter update #4, a DRM-free version is being offered in conjunction with GOG. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to choose between a GOG or Steam key. So it's confusing there was no option and that there's a Download section on the managing page..
  12. I'm not clear why you need to know why we need it on steam per se. Yes you're able to add non steam games, but next time you want to download and play the game, you'll have to download it elswhere and link it to steam again. All the steam functionality doesn't work either when adding a non-steam game to steam, and I want to have as few places as possible to have my digital collection at. I'm ok with either steam or gog.com, but I'm not ok with going to a developers website to get it every time. What happens in the future when obsidian goes defunct (yes yes we all hope that won't happen but it's a possibility). Even if they never do, I don't want my digital products on 50 different developer sites. I'm not sure why I need to argue with a random user about this. If you don't personally want or care for a gog or steam release for backers then that's your thing. Starting an argument about it with people who see it as important is silly.
  13. So I read the topic about DRM free versions on gog.com for kickstarter backers. That's nice and all, but as I was linking my pledge to my reward, there was no where to select where I wanted to get the game from. I realize it's not out yet (obviously), but when I went to check on the order, I noticed there was a Download page. I just want to make sure that the gog or steam option becomes available to me, even if it wasn't available when managing my pledge, and I'm not stuck with some digital download package from the obsidian site. Or maybe I missed something along the way (though I did doublecheck so I doubt it). Can some Obsidian official please confirm that the gog/steam reward claiming will be available on pledges made already?
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