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  1. I am UNPACKING GUYS! :D Good luck with everyone Character creation!!!1 (my favourite part by the way!!!)
  2. Can I say that I am wasting the entire day, just because I want the hours to pass by very quickly? I said it. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Come on boys! Hit that damn refresh button!!!
  3. In all honesty I do not mind that all the pre-orders gets it, even if as kickstarter backer we gave life to this reality. But I absolutely wants to know if I get the content or not from some official source.
  4. I just wanted to be sure that I have it. Because I do not want to find myself in the middle of the game, and than discover that I missed out of some content or thing that I was entitled. :D I mean we waited 2.5 years, and we didn't have the early relase respect to the other games (Darkest Dungeon did it so we played 1 week before, so it is possible!)
  5. "All Kickstarter backers will receive a special Kickstarter only in-game achievement and item." But I have no idea of what item will be. Anyone knows more? I didn't find anything under "product/order page" in the backer site. I have the Hero Edition 25$ and I recently bought the expansion.
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