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  1. And crackling bolt and freezing rake so far (poor Calisca), but not fireball or freezing blast. Is there like a clear rule of what is affected and what not? Or is it kind of arbitrary?
  2. The wiki now says that the unlocked druid ability on the Scepter (Gyrd Something Something) restores one spiritshift use. That's pretty cool and unique, really curious about the wizard and priest abilities now.
  3. Haha, so keep Per high and drop Dex, but raise Int and Dex and drop Per. Thanks guys! But seriously, thanks, I'm getting a much clearer view again on why I'd want to raise/lower some stats. And I guess that in the end it won't matter too much on hard, and apparently there's a fancy re-spec option these days if things go horribly wrong. Any non-obvious talents to consider for this kind of wizard?
  4. If I would (eventually) take eldritch aim, merciless gaze and alacrity for spell mastery, would that change which attributes would be useful? ie could I get away with less perception or dex?
  5. thanks, that minoletta build seems kind of what I'm looking for! Might drop con 2 more points for extra dex.
  6. It's been a while since I last played PoE, and I'm not entirely clear anymore on how the mechanics work, nor do I have a clear view of the items available. So I would really appreciate it if someone would be able to give me some advice! I want to play a burst damage wizard (on hard, not PotD; that might be important for the viability of the entire concept). So a wizard that can unload pretty much his entire spell allotment in the form of fast damage spells in harder fights. So spells like minoletta's missiles on lvl 1, fireball on lvl 3, etc. I'm not entirely sure about how to assign attributes and talents, and I actually have no idea if there are items that would help here. For attributes, I guess might, perception, dexterity and intelligence are important, but I'm not entirely clear on the finer division between these. Might helps the (usually weaker) fast wizard damage spells hit harder, dexterity helps with the entire burst thing, perception makes sure the spells actually hit. Intelligence might actually be less important, since I won't be crowd controlling as much. So given I'm not comfortable dropping mental attributes too low, does something like this look ok? I have no idea how important perception is (I haven't played since it became important). M: 16 D: 18 C: 6 I: 14 P: 16 R: 8 Would more extremes be more useful (ie, is having perception 18 and intelligence 12 better than 16 and 14)? With regards to talents (or race), is there anything that improves spell accuracy, damage, penetration or casting speed? Or do things like marksman only work with ranged weapons? Are there items that help? Any advice would be appreciated.
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