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  1. Running great here. I initially had install problems on Win7 and finally went ahead and upgraded to Win 8. 8 GB RAM 3.2 GHz AMD X4 955 Radeon HD 5700.
  2. I've only gotten to play for a handful of hours off and on so far but wanted to chime in with how satisfied I am already. This is exactly what we've been missing the last 10 years or so. It totally reminds me of how I got sucked into Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 the first time I played them. Now if only I had the hours of free time I had in my early 20s...
  3. I don't know. My Win7 setup had been acting up as of late so I've been more and more tempted to do a clean reinstall. I've had 8 available but have held off upgrading. I'm actually enjoying 8 now and am glad I did it. Install time was about 5 minutes, maybe less, after the upgrade.
  4. I bit the bullet and upgraded my Win7 machine to Win8 (had that sitting here for a long time...). After the upgrade I was able to install PoE in a matter of a couple minutes.
  5. I've been unable to install the GOG version of the game. I've made three attempts and the installation simply seems to stop. The first time, after 2 hours, I closed it, rebooted and restarted. The 2nd time it loaded for about 6 hours before I did the same thing. The third time I let it go over night and it has been loading for 11 hours. The screenshot shows where it's at: At this point the process shows it's at a standstill and I'm not seeing any hard drive activity. The install has obviously made some progress as early as this morning: The files are attached in case they don
  6. So my GOG version was installing for about 2 hours and it was barely 20% complete. I thought it was stuck though I was seeing it consuming memory. I ended up killing it, rebooting and restarted the install. Looks like maybe it just takes that long...
  7. Actually I just had a bunch more pop up under the bonus content a Kickstarter Item and another 'bonus item'... not sure what those are. Still no game though...
  8. I just got my kickstarter pet on GOG! Still waiting for the actual game though...
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