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  1. Picking a god as a Priest is just choosing which god has inspired your power, like Paladins aren't all believers in whatever god, they get their power from devotion to a cause etc.


    Thaos and his dudes basically murdered everyone who wouldn't agree that his gods were the best and killed anyone who knew they weren't true gods. Their scheme was all about their cowardly and paternalistic culture. They believed that people could never be inherently good or wise unless someone more powerful told them what to do. So they all committed mass suicide to escape the horrible world they lived in and create gods to push people around.


    Gods don't directly grant Priests powers but they totally could if they wanted to. Waidwen probably turned into an avatar of Eothas and he could shoot lasers. Skaen dudes have a ritual to make someone became an avatar of him too but most of the time it doesn't work, probably only when Skaen feels like it.


    You probably could be a priest of spoons but you'd have to be extremely insane, so insane that you believe with every fiber of your being that spoons are absolutely the greatest thing ever and ignite your soul with the power of your belief. Even after all that it would probably be Wael messing with you.

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  2. Think about how many parents abandoned, killed or simply couldn't manage to keep alive their Hollowborn children. Just because they didn't have the money or the strength of will to deal with something like that. Think how emotionally and psychologically shattered they would be. Then you come in and send all the souls back and all the Hollowborn still around just wake up and become normal children again. Thats wonderful for them and their parents. But what about the parents from before? Its just about the worst things you could ever do, these people will never recover from that.

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  3. The companions are all extremely important to the story they just aren't all secret cousins of the main antagonists or w/e. Their personal stories relate strongly to the themes and put a face you know to the issues the world is going though.


    Eder - What's more important, your god or your country? Loyalty, the search for meaning. Storywise he also offers perspective on the Saint's War and Eothas.

    Aloth - Are people better off being independent or being guided by authority? Order versus Chaos.  Storywise he's connected to the Leaden Key.

    Durance - Are the gods helping us or using us? What does it mean to follow a god? Storywise he's connected to the Saint's War, Godhammer and the plotting of the Gods.

    Kana - Is knowledge always worth the price we pay for it? Is pure exploration better than safely guided learning? Storywise he's connected to the Endless Paths. His journey relates thematically to animancy as well.

    Sagani - Is tradition inherently meaningful or do we create that meaning ourselves? Storywise she offers perspective on the Cycle and what happens to souls when they pass on.

    Hiravias - When we ask questions, will we always be satisfied with the answer presented to us or should we seek it for ourselves? Storywise he's connected to Galawain and Wael and offers perspective on the differences between the gods.

    Pallegina - Should we follow authority unquestioningly or should we do what we believe to be right? Storywise she offers perspective on animancy and the other goings on in the Dyrwood's effect on the wider world.

    Grieving Mother - Is it ever acceptable to impose your will on others even when you believe it to be right? Is living a beautiful lie better than a horrific truth? Stoywise she's conencted to the Hollowborn and impact it has on people's lives.

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    How about just saying "hey this is kinda uncool, maybe put something else in"


    Still looking for someone an honest man, by the way, Diogenes?





    Something to keep in mind guys as well is that having dark things occur (hangings/racism etc) is different from having a joke about the same thing. We all know the hangings in Gilded Vale are messed up and when Durance calls women whores, we know he's a messed up dude and is not being endorsed by the text.


    The presentation of the joke in question is what hurts it the most I think. If some drunk jerk in a bar was singing it you could roll your eyes and think "oh this is one of *those* establishments." It's not though, its from a fourth wall breaking group of messages you find within the game. You know the joke wasn't written by a character in the context of the story/game universe but its just dumped in there by the developers/backers which changes the way in which you examine it.


    Jokes are a tricky thing in general. Its always harder to make a joke about dark subjects than to play them straight because you are expected to laugh and therefore agree with the point of view the joke is presenting to some extent.

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  5. Alexander the Great is an incredibly poor choice for an example of "figuring out how to hold on to it" because that is precisely the opposite of what he did. Nor is the extinction of Homo Neanderthalensis particularly strong proof of the impossibility of racial co-existence, given how little (read: nothing. We have informed guesses) we know of the particulars of their extinction. It is entirely possible that, to be blunt, they were not eradicated so much as ****ed into the fold.



    Thats actually one of the theories. We have evidence that we lived together with them on occasion and that there was interbreeding. Maybe we just had too many babies for them to keep up.


    Actually thats a good reason for the reason we have so many races living together in this setting. Sex is a pretty gigantic drive, you could argue that a large percentage of human achievement is based on the desire for sex. There is no limit to the amount of things that people will do to get laid, climb mountains, build skyscrapers, pretend to enjoy club music etc etc. Imagine you are a human dude or dudette just trying to live your life, blacksmithing it up or whatever. You're busy with your career and don't have time for kids. But hey, theres this whole town of elf cuties just down the road who you can bang as much as you like with no risk of pregnancy. That's pretty huge!


    You don't have to play completely optimally 100% of the time.

    Never said you did.  But I see no reason to play stupidly 'just because,' which is the only translation I can make of your posts.  There is no cost to scouting (and unlike IE games, you can sneak and check for traps simultaneously), ergo there is no reason not to.  On the other hand, there *Is* a cost to pointlessly setting off traps and wandering into fights unprepared.


    I'm not sure why you keep arguing this at all. Logically, there is no reason not to scout.  Roleplaying wise (assuming your characters want to survive) there is no reason not to scout. I can see no reason to not scout outside of towns.  None.  It is the most obvious default behavior, 100% of the time, with absolutely no downside.



    There is a cost to scouting. Its slower, maybe you need to split your party and it requires to you to do finicky stuff like hovering in places to wait for enemies to pass instead of shooting them in the face. Also you look silly sneaking around constantly! :p Not that I'm saying its pointless or I'd never use it but theres reasons to not want to constantly be doing it.

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