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  1. Getting completely destroyed by the Beetles on Normal. Used to have no trouble on Hard last patch.
  2. Still getting the same problem as when the game first got released. Steam won't launch the game. It gets stuck in a loop where it tries to launch the game but it only brings me to the store page and it just keeps retrying.
  3. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67500-more-obvious-xp-notice/?p=1486643 Alright folks, well, this certainly answers that: The quest-only xp system is intended this way (perhaps with some long quest being divided into one or two xp chunks before the final xp lump)! So, no mistake, this is what they meant by objective/challenge xp, it seems. I'll be darned. Man that is disappointing to read.
  4. That's your opinion, and if that's what you think I suggest you play with a different class that better suits your preferred play-style. That's a part of why the IE games were so great; they allowed a variety of different play styles. If you don't like the PoE style of classes and encounters then I suggest you play a different game that better suits your preferred play-style. My preferred play style is the IE style, which is what I was sold during the Kickstarter. But then turns out the lead designer and a good portion of the backers didn't really enjoy what those games offered. What a messed up situation. I feel so stupid now for giving them so much money.
  5. Yeah that's what I'm doing. It's just to much of a pain in the ass to properly test this game right now.
  6. Wow. If I had been aware of Sawyer's dislike of BG2 before the Kickstarter I never would have pledged the amount I did. Funnily enough playing the beta I told myself multiple times that it felt like the person designing this game didn't seem to like the IE games too much since they were trying to change how everything worked.
  7. Holy crap no wonder I found the fight way harder then on my first character.
  8. Whether there's a slow mode or not does nothing to address the fact that monsters move to fast and cover to much ground quickly in this game. Lack of feedback is also a problem. Honestly i'm playing on normal and I've only got one dungeon left and so far I'm just facerolling most encounters and I don't even know why.
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