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  1. So, by making a forum account to complain about not being able to make a backer account, I inadvertently made a backer account? Cool.
  2. Then I'm not the only one having problems here. I was keeping my fingers crossed the problem wasn't at my end. Now I'm getting a "500 - Something went wrong error" on the Eternity site, except for the forum links.
  3. I've been trying to log in for the last hour, and I can't even get past the account creation page. I am getting either a "This page cannot be displayed" or I am getting an error message stating the text I typed in the security check box doesn't match the displayed text. I am SURE I am typing the correct text. And when I click on the link to contact the company because I'm having log in problems, it just takes me to an account log in page. As I don't have an account yet, that's a dead end. This is getting very frustrating.
  4. My first post here ) is anyone else having this problem? I am trying to create my backer account, and thus far have been unsuccessful. When I attempt to create the account, I have been repeatedly getting one of two messages: 1- This page cannot be displayed or 2- That the text I type in the security check isn't matching the displayed text I am sure I'm typing the correct text. I also tried clicking on the link to contact Obsidian if I am having trouble creating the account, and it just takes me to the login screen. So I'm stuck on the outside with no way to contact the devs. Can anyone provide any advice? Thanks.
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