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  1. I just finished the main game on XBOX 360 and I'd like to play Treasures of the Sun but I can't find a way in. According to multiple online sources, you can access the DLC by loading the last autosave: "from inside the Causeway after defeating Jeyne at the top of the Spire, but before entering the Rukkenvahl Chapterhouse to get to the final battle. There will be a new section of the causeway, with a note hanging on a section of rock in the center. Simply read the note to start the story." I loaded the last autosave and I'm exactly in the Causeway as described in the guide but I can't find the new section of the causeway (actually a new section of the causeway is shown on the map but it doesn't appear in the main window). The Downloadable Contents menu options shows Treasures of the Sun as Available. Any suggestions?
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