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  1. Disagree. Because then you'd have to have a scale that went into negative numbers to cover animals/creatures, some of which might be even less intelligent that the most mentally challenged human. Thus the reason for suggesting 8 as the floor, so that there's room below it to cover all the rest of the animals/creatures in the game. You can disagree any way you like but it does not change the fact that there is no way to tell how Int 2 compares to IQ. Unless you have some statement from developers clearing this up. Whatever. But when you have a floor INT value that's lower than a number of animals in the game, something's wrong. It's as simple as that. It's is exactly what happens on most RPG systems... For example the stats of the Pre-Made Companions aren't max/min, you can see NPC's that are more or less smart than the others, and when you see their stats is a difference from 2 to 4 INT points, and all then under the 8-14 range... So what I believe is that they used the same range of D&D... where anything more than 16 is impressive, anything from 8-14 is commom ground (14 being like a very good but still possible to find in society), and anything less than 8 is below average, with 4-6 within the range of the smartest animals, and anything below that being used for quasi-unintelligent beings... IMO
  2. I really would dislike to change their personalities, that's why I just wanted a small re-balance, and that's why I didn't protect any assumption that it should be a MAX/MIN Stats on those NPC's... I just wanted then to receive a small re-balance in order to make then as good as any created NPC (without max/min), so the use of Pre-Made Companions became even more common ground even in the hardest difficulties...
  3. I agree with you, I just think that a improvement would be nice, not too much just a few... I like the idea of the IE Mod but still I think would be nice/better to have this already in place in an update/patch
  4. Hello Guys!! 2nd post here and it's getting even better I would like to talk about party composition... Mostly aimed for Hard / PotD / IW dificulties (since if you manage to go well on those Medium and Easy would be a piece of cake anyway ) So I would like to share I option for the Best Party Composition and some ideas on how would be the best option to change this party in order to use a different character... On my playtrough I only use the NPC's (pre-made companions), so no hired one here, but I will only point their classes since it's easier for me since I don't remember all names Also I avoid having two or more of the same class I just want to try to play the game with as many options as possible... But still I agree that 6 Chanters would be an over-power-rock-band Fighter - Full Tank (Tank/Tank) - With Weapon + Shield and backup Ranged Weapon Paladin - Support Off-Tank (Tank/DPS) - With 2h Weapon, Weapon + Shield (for complicated situations) and Backup Ranged Weapon Chanter - Support Buffer (Support/Tank) - With a Backup Long Reach Weapon (probably some kind of Polearm) and a Ranged Weapon (This character is planned to be a Ranged attacker in my party and can Offtank when necessary) Priest - Support Buffer (Support/AoE) - With a Backup Long Reach Weapon (Spear and Shield seems to be the best option for me) and a Ranged Weapon (This character is planned to be a Ranged attacker in my party and can Offtank when necessary) Cypher - DPS Debuffer (DPS/Debuffer) - With a Ranged Weapon and a backup melee weapon (2 Hatchets seems nice IMO) still intend for DPS purpose (so 2h Weapon of 2 Weapons) Wizard - DPS AoE (DPS/AoE) - With a Ranged Weapon and a Implement, no melee weapon for this guy, Wizard are to squish and I if someone get on him I would make he run for his like!!! I thinks that's the best party composition I would have most of the time 2 melee and 4 ranged but I can easily change that to 4 melee and 2 ranged, and even 5 melee and 1 ranged if it's really necessary, also I have two good tanks, plenty of support and reasonably good damage and AoE abilities... I just miss a Druid here, so I will talk what I would change in order to add all other classes... If I want a... Druid, I would make him a Range attacker (primarily) and with a Weapon and Shield or Long Reach Weapon as backup (Spear and Shield seems again the best option here)... I would Drop the Paladin in order to have a Druid, also I would make the Chanter a Primarily melee user in the place of the paladin, all rest would be the same... Barbarian: In order to have a Barb I would also Drop the Paladin and but him on his spot, but I really believe this is a poor idea, mostly in harder levels, since the Barb sabotage himself by loosing Deflection which is very important in the hardest options of the game. Rogue: That's a very good DPS, I think the only Pure DPS option for the game, but he can also be a Tank (just add armor and shield and you have a very solid off-tank), also he can work pretty good as a ranged attacker, so you have more options here, if you want him to be a kind of off-tank, then drop the paladin, if you want him to be a pure DPS I would drop the Cypher, or the Wizard (if you choose to drop the Wizard for a Rogue then I would advise to Drop the Paladin for a Druid), I would do a Rogue with 2 Weapons and a Bow backup and make him the one that attack mostly in the party to use his sneak a lot... Ranger: I love Rangers but I think they are boring in PoE but still a good party member... So he is ranged with a backup Weapon + Shield (just in case), I would drop the Paladin (and having the Chanter off-tank for the group), but here you could also drop the Wizard (again if you drop the Wizard I would drop the Paladin for a Druid anyway) Monk: Well I never liked Monks but if you like then you could use the same as used for the Barbarian, he need to get damage so he would be your off-tank anyway... If I could have 8 members instead of 6 I would for sure add a Druid and a Rogue (maybe, just maybe a Ranger)... I think the Monk is a good class, I just don't like then that much but I really believe that the Barbarian could use an improvement... What you guys think?
  5. Hello all!!! That`s my first post on the forum and since I didn`t find any topic with this subject here it`s... I`m Brazilian, so sorry for a possible bad english I have played all RPG's games since BG, and it's still my favorite kind of game... Pillars of Eternity seems just a great one and possible in my top 10 list, but there's one thing I would like to put in conversation, the NPC's companions... I think they are great, all of then, really well made, in almost all previous RPG games, normally just half of the companions options are really well made, but for PoE I believe all of then are quite good, at least above expectations, I just would like to have 1 for each class but well that's OK, maybe they manage to create some more in time and give then to us (hope as gift ) But regarding the ones that already exist I would like to request two things, for a new update/patch of the game... First, have them start at level 1 when you get them and after that level them up to their proper start level, for example, let's say Eothas start at level 2 (I think that's his start level, or 3, don't remember), what I want is at the first time he enters my party he is at level 1, but with a level up flag, and then I can level him up to his planned start level and start to use him the way I want... I think this would be great, but I will talk more about that after my second request/idea... Second, I believe everyone can agree that their stats are poor, I really hate Max/Min, I think it's just stupid and I really believe that the Min stats should be 8, I can't accept (being a pen 'n paper RPG player) having a Paladin with 3 INT, he wouldn't even manage to talk!! He would be like a dog, I really think that the developers should create an update to make INT 8- PC's don't manage to understand any dialogue and have really bad dialogue options (like totally miistypo and things like that), PER 8- would have just a dark screen since they are likely blind or something... well but that's not the point, I understand they made that so Power-Players can enjoy they all-around combos... But still I think the companions (NPCs) stats should be rebalance... What I propose is something like a voting topic where we could vote for one of three better options for stats on each companion, no max/min, just a better and more balanced division of points in order to make then even better and more likely to be used even in IW + PotD dificulties. Not only because we pay for then but because they were very well created by one of the best group of RPG developers in the world! What I want is make those NPC's Companions really useful even in the hardest dificulties of the game in order to make everyone really want to have one of then instead a hired companion (hollowborn ) What you guys think???
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