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  1. Disagree. Because then you'd have to have a scale that went into negative numbers to cover animals/creatures, some of which might be even less intelligent that the most mentally challenged human. Thus the reason for suggesting 8 as the floor, so that there's room below it to cover all the rest of the animals/creatures in the game. You can disagree any way you like but it does not change the fact that there is no way to tell how Int 2 compares to IQ. Unless you have some statement from developers clearing this up. Whatever. But when you have a floor INT value that's low
  2. I really would dislike to change their personalities, that's why I just wanted a small re-balance, and that's why I didn't protect any assumption that it should be a MAX/MIN Stats on those NPC's... I just wanted then to receive a small re-balance in order to make then as good as any created NPC (without max/min), so the use of Pre-Made Companions became even more common ground even in the hardest difficulties...
  3. I agree with you, I just think that a improvement would be nice, not too much just a few... I like the idea of the IE Mod but still I think would be nice/better to have this already in place in an update/patch
  4. Hello Guys!! 2nd post here and it's getting even better I would like to talk about party composition... Mostly aimed for Hard / PotD / IW dificulties (since if you manage to go well on those Medium and Easy would be a piece of cake anyway ) So I would like to share I option for the Best Party Composition and some ideas on how would be the best option to change this party in order to use a different character... On my playtrough I only use the NPC's (pre-made companions), so no hired one here, but I will only point their classes since it's easier for me since I don't remember all names
  5. Hello all!!! That`s my first post on the forum and since I didn`t find any topic with this subject here it`s... I`m Brazilian, so sorry for a possible bad english I have played all RPG's games since BG, and it's still my favorite kind of game... Pillars of Eternity seems just a great one and possible in my top 10 list, but there's one thing I would like to put in conversation, the NPC's companions... I think they are great, all of then, really well made, in almost all previous RPG games, normally just half of the companions options are really well made, but for PoE I belie
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