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  1. You should be able to access the white march content after killing Thanos, but before activating the machine. I continued my game and got the message that there is a new quest at my stronghold, but spent a half hour trying to figure out how to get out of "Sun in Shadows" only to find out in internet forums that there is not way out and you have to hope you kept an old save game file from before you jumped in the pit. This has left a really, really bad taste in my mouth. The end game states that I found the entrance that Thanos used, so this means I should be able to use it as an exit to c
  2. I have to agree. Traps are useless. When I hit an enemy trap it does way more damage to me, then the trap I set for monsters. My other beef, is that I can't set more than one trap either, which is a strange artificial limit. I love turn based games because it allows me to play strategically. I should be able to place more than one trap in order to shape a battlefield to my liking. There are several areas in the game where multiple traps are laid out for me to trip over, so it seems unfair I can't do the same. Baldur's Gate got it right. My thief could set multiple traps, and I was rewarde
  3. What I had in mind was not vendor trash, but more along the lines of priceless items that you couldn't sell to a vendor. It just annoys me to kill a dragon who was guarding a huge pile of treasure on the ground, and then when I click on the treasure it's just a few thousand gold coins, a few potions, and then some wonder weapon or wonder armour. I just like the idea that if I see a painting on the treasure pile, or some pottery, or some other priceless piece of art that I could pick it up and add it to my stronghold. That's how treasure is collected in the real world. Either rich p
  4. What I really want in an RPG is real treasure. I'm tired of opening a treasure chest and only getting armor, weapons, gold coins, or socketable gems. What I want is rare painting to hang on a wall in my hold, faberge eggs I can set on pedestals, Crown Jewel sets that can sit behind glass cases with soldiers standing guard, rare books to add to my library in my hold, rare pottery from dead cultures, unusual fossils, etc.... Basically I want treasure like people collect and hoard in the real world. I want some of that treasure to come in sets so you feel a sense of accomplishment when you comple
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