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  1. My main worry about the damage animations (or lack thereof) was because that's how it was in PoE1. It's true that it's a very early buile, but I can't just assume that it is something they're going to work on. So if that's how it's really going to be, the health will be exactly like in Dragon Age? What I didn't understand was about the personal inventories. In PoE1, you could everyone's inventory on one screen. Now it appears that it's not the case anymore. Will there be a way to quickly look for a specific item if you don't know who has it?
  2. Hi, after watching the video, I've noticed a few things that I want to talk about: 1. Non-magical attacks (and maybe even some magical ones) don't seem to have a clear visible effect. The same thing was true for POE1; regardless of the damage, all hits appeared the same. In BG2 there was a screen shake for crits, and I'm sure that there are much better ways to show a solid hit, such as a stagger animation. 2. The titan looked like he could wipe the entire party with a single kick, yet he just stood there, occasionally attacking a party member with a very weak attack compared to what it seemed he could have done. The grab was cool, but then he just throws the guy on the ground for no apparent reason. I'm sure that balance is the basis for all of this, but it just seemed wrong. 3. I didn't get how the inventory system and the health system work. Have they said anything about those? I've seen something about a change in the health system, but nothing concrete. I'd love to know what you guys think about those things.
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