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About Me

Sir Roderick Amplepole


Destroyer of Fellowships

He of the Crooked Stave

Deliverer of the Unintended Pun



Two crossed pikes on a backdrop of dark, starry night.



1354 to 1356 Squire to Sir Llewyn the Rotund.

1356 Knighted for retrieving the arm of Sir Llewyn the Rotund after he was devoured by a worg.

1358 Winner (by default) of the King's tourney after misfortune befell the other contestants on what has been dubbed the Feast of the Befouled Breeches.

1360 Founded the Glory Hounds Adventuring Company with Nashta the Nimble

1360 One of two of the only survivng members of the Glory Hounds Adventuring Company after a failed foray into Sorcerer's Tomb.

1361 Survived an attempt on his life by Nashta the Maimed.


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