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  1. The general idea that damaged weapons are less accurate, damaged armor slows you down etc (Update #58) are good. on/off rule for this is however not natural to my opinion. I.e. loss of accuracy/speed as a function of durability is more realistic, thereby people who have the energy to sharpen their sword after every strike get some bonus from it. But the function should not be linear, maybe logistic or similar. Then, for example item with 70% durability still has e.g. 95% effectiveness. So you don't have to maintain your equipment all the time. And I would like the chance that your sword really breaks. Not sure what types of material you have, but e.g. glass sword or wooden bow could totally shatter, but iron sword could just break/bend and then you could collect the scrap metal and forge a new one with some more resources. And when some items break, e.g. flail, there could be a chance that you hurt yourself when it breaks. Some high quality or magical items could of course be indestructible, otherwise people will lose too much hair. Repairing yourself or in the shop is good, of course you will have to find the balance between cost of shop-repair and time to use for self-repair.
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