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  1. I'm not surprised one bit that Taliesin voices a frickin' god. Art imitates life, right?
  2. Well, the digital distribution will take just as long as the physical distribution, because the otherwise brick and mortar retail stores would get their panties in a bunch. Thanks to that, and traditions like "we only release games on thursday!", we still have two different release dates for US and EU, for any game. I've seen this happen for purely digitally distributed games, where it makes no sense at all. But I guess, as long as they insist that the internet has oceans, other people will continue to sail them in a less than gentlemanly manner, if you catch my drift. Not me though, I preordered the Stick through GMG, got my key, redeemed it, and hours later the whole Germany gets delayed thing comes up. Not happy. I hope someone gets fired over this.
  3. The story, as far as i know, is as follows: someone messed up with removing nazi swastikas from the game. Retail stores received console discs with the swastikas still in place, so everyone went in to BS panic mode, to rectify this dire situation. There's a law that it's unconstitutional to display nazi symbols except in art pieces, but video games are not considered art. And a South Park game surely would be much less so... The thing that really riles me up, though, is that UBISOFT can't even commit to a new release date. Never mind the fact that they hate PC users because apparantly we are all pirates and criminals... Anyway, much like Mrs. Cartman, we Germans got ****ed.
  4. I like to play sarcastic good rangers, mostly human, but I might do something different for Pillars... To be quite honest I haven't really thought about it yet...
  5. As a fat guy, I would've preferred 4xl. Oh well. Can't be helped now.
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