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  1. I would rephrase that as not all gamers care for the same kinds of production values. I know personally, I could care less about graphics as long as I understand what is going on, sometimes I even prefer it like with pixel art or cell shaded objects that bring a style that I can go back to years later unlike if it had tried in any fashion to be "realism". I know I long for the day when Dwarf Fortress doesn't look like Matrix movie code to me and I'm not just talking about the ASCII, but its accessibility of information and what options mean. --- I think the important thing Mr. Chri
  2. Just FYI, Indie Devs have had copious ammounts of problems with Paypal - see: Minecraft, Project Zomboid, etc.
  3. I would like to cover a few things. Kickstarter is fine but IMHO, Alpha Funding is better. Heck, if you kickstarted and then gave access to a alpha and future versions, that would be ideal really. I get something to play with, even if it is buggy and feature incomplete and I get to feel like a part of the development. $1-5-10-15-20 makes it an impulse buy because its a range of money I won't feel like I have lost anything, its hard for me to fault games in that price range. Steam probably makes hand over fist because of sales that dip into that range for me and supporting Indie Devs alphaf
  4. I know I would certainly be interested in a Shadowrun game developed by Obsidian. When I made a little list recently of things that scratch my itch for a Shadowrun RPG PC game it was (the now classic) Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol, Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum, Fallout 3: New Vegas, and Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City. See how many of those are Obsidian pieces of gaming goodness? When I think about it a bit more, there are other games I would add to that list but I am sure you get the point, certain themes and game play mechanics are gaming moments I have fun playing and Obsid
  5. 1) Why are you here? I read an article in PC Gamer, and was really interested when I read about Strongholds and wanted to see what it was all about since I really enjoyed NeverWinter Nights and its expansions. Followed a few links, ended up here, finally decided I might as well throw in a few words edgewise as well. 2) What sort of NWN user are you? A) A player? B) A Builder? C) A developer of custom content? Definitely "A", a player. 3) Do you play online? Do you play in PWs (Persistant Worlds)? I have in the past played online, even some PWs, but because of the slow connections where I
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