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  1. You find me in agreement here. From what I know, the only downside (from a Steam user's perspective) would be the loss of the Steamwork functionalities, as without Steamwork there is no copy protection but also no achievements, no cloud-saving and no social features. In my opinion is an acceptable loss, but I also don't plan to get my copy on Steam so.. I trust Obsidian will have a better understanding of the Steam market than I do and be able to make an informed call there, supporting DRM-free releases at the same time. PS: as I mentioned, I knew you weren't suggesting a Steam-only acces
  2. It is actually completely different than on Desura. While a game released on Steam, if the developers choose so, can be launched without Steam open and possibly have no copy protection whatsoever, a Steam release will still be tied to the Steam software for installation, which means I can't download and manage the game myself but will always have to go through the Steam software. This also means I can't download a Windows version when on Linux (or a Linux version when on Windows), which means I'm not free to have access to the software however I want regardless of operating system and software
  3. Yes, I certainly see your point. I think the two major options would be .deb plus repo (upside: updating, downside: not compatible with 100% of the distributions) and Nixstaller (upside: larger compatibility, downside: no automatic updating). Plus of course a simple tarball. Nothing stops us from hoping for multiple choices tho - it's not uncommon (from what I've seen with games in the Humble Store) to come as tarball, .deb, .rpm and Nixstaller all the same time. That way everybody can manage the game however they like. In the end I'll be ok with whatever they decide, as long as the softw
  4. Unfortunately supporting Linux through a repo would mean either have to support all Linux distributions or focus on some and leave some out. For example if you support it through a .deb package structure and using a repo, Debian users would be best served but others would have to manually download, adapt and repackage the .deb for their distribution (I use Slackware, so I'd have to repackage the .deb in a compatible format). I think the best solution would be Nixstaller (I linked it in my previous post) as it can support different distributions using a single file: during the installation pro
  5. Hi, newly registered slacker backer here~ I'll vote for Humble Bundle as well, I think it's a great distributor and have only had very good experiences with them so far. The Humble Store also allows for multiple widgets to sell different bundles (base game, game plus OST, etc). As for the format of the download, I would either go with a tarball (no installation required, each user can set it however he/she wants) or Nixstaller (http://nixstaller.sourceforge.net/news.php, it manages a number of different package managers with a single .sh file, which means a great many distributions will b
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