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  1. It's certainly makes it feel more realistic. It seems to be a natural thing (and unfortunately not something that only plagued antiquity). I would like to see it, but there's always the problem of rating. I never understood why even Mature rated games had to pass through a fine-tooth comb before being approved, with so much being omitted I think developers don't even try any more with some of the things. For instance, the romance scenes in Mass Effect 1 got so much attention that they (despite being rated a Mature game) had to tone it down quite a bit for the next games.
  2. So you're telling me you don't think people have any effect on the ecosystem because, apparently, it's too big? I don't doubt that it is a big thing, but we are consuming far more than what we put back. If the world agreed with you, then why are so many countries taking action to revert or stabilize climate change? Even so, why not at least try to turn things around while it's still possible to (since you said we don't have much effect on ecosystems as we are) we eventually will, wont we? Why not try to prevent it then, rather than trying to fix it. My entire point here is that people do (and if not, will) have a huge effect on ecosystems and the planet's welfare, why not take steps to reverse or even prevent it from getting worse by using renewable sources of energy, and taking steps toward being more self-sustaining. It really couldn't hurt, but apparently a lot of people are just morally opposed to the idea, like people who wont buy eco-friendly items for the simple reason that they say "eco-friendly".
  3. I don't care if you believe in climate change or not, you have to agree that with how wasteful the people on this planet are, if climate change isn't a reality now it will be soon enough. Humans are a disgustingly wasteful race, we consume and toss away things like they are created and destroyed in some magic hole that has no consequence or repercussions. It's almost with a primitive kind of apathy or ignorance how most of us regard the planet. The ignorance is at least somewhat understandable, it's the arrogance of how a lot of people just don't care that I just don't understand. So you don't care what happens to the planet when you're gone, it must be nice to be completely oblivious to the welfare of anything but yourself. All a bunch of Ciphers taking the steak over the reality of a degrading world.
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